Article Marketing – Deadly Mistakes to Avoid

It is a fact that many bloggers and webmasters have used their article marketing campaigns to attract much traffic to their sites. They have wisely chosen the best keywords regularly and have achieved good ranking with search engines, generating huge volumes of traffic.

However, others have attempted to use article marketing and ended up being frustrated and disappointed.  After failing, many people are convinced that article marketing does not work. The following are some of the common reasons which lead to failure.


1. Article writing without using proper techniques

Many people fail because they think article writing is just about putting together a few sentences that can be read by others. After all, many of us write email and post comments in discussion forums and blogs. What such don’t understand is that writing effective promotional articles is an uncommon skill that needs to be developed over a significant period of time. In the online world, there is fierce competition for readers’ attention. People will not waste their time reading a post which is not helpful or valuable to them.

2. Selecting keywords carelessly

There are people who are very careful with their writing. Some go to the extent of hiring professional writers. However, even after publishing many articles, they don’t have much to show for their investment. The main reason for this is usually failure to use the right keyword phrases. Using phrases which are popular in leading search engines can result in your site appearing high in the rankings of search engines.

3. Not being interesting

If your website is not interesting enough, it doesn’t matter the volume of traffic you attract. Visitors will spend a very short time on your site before clicking away and going somewhere else. There must be something different and special on your site to hold the attention of your visitors and convince them to come back. Too many people have used great article marketing promotions to draw prospects to an uninspiring site.

4. Lack of focus

The internet can be very distracting. As a result, many bloggers and webmasters have lost focus. The only way to succeed on the internet is to focus on a small niche. Focus on improving one aspect of your online business at a time. Only move on when you get some kind of breakthrough. Too many article campaigns are trying to do too much at the same time. Eventually, they fail to succeed in any of the things they are attempting to do.

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  • Graham Lutz

    It only makes sense that if you’re going to spend time adding content to someone else’s website site, you’d take the time to research keywords that work and focus on something that brings results!

  • Matt

    Thanks for this list. As with so much of SEO, article marketing is about choosing the right keywords, and putting them in the titles.

    Also, what I’ve found is it’s well worth submitting your articles to social bookmarking sites. Even if these sites are not that highly ranked themselves, those backlinks do help lift the article a little, which in turn helps your site.