Facebook Hyper Traffic Review: Facebook Marketing Program

This is a review of the Facebook Hyper Traffic (Affiliate link) system by Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker.

What is it?

The Facebook Hyper Traffic System is a comprehensive course designed to teach everything you need to know about Facebook marketing and using Facebook to generate traffic to your website, monetization through affiliate programs using CPA and through generating leads.

If you know nothing about Facebook marketing and how to tap this traffic source, far more powerful than Google itself, read on…

facebook hyper traffic

Facebook is huge; every one knows that, it’s climbing close to a billion users worldwide. Traffic potential is unimaginable right? Though we all know that getting traffic from Facebook to your site is no easy task either, it takes months and even years of building loyal targeted fans to get a decent enough amount of traffic to your site worth talking about.

As far as Facebook monetization is concerned there are lots of products on the market that promises to teach you how to do just that, and the Facebook Hyper Traffic System is just another one of those products… or is it?

This product is different; different as in unlike other products, it covers every area of traffic generation in detail. If you can look past the shady looking, over informed sales page, it is actually a reasonably good product.

What’s in the Facebook Hyper Traffic course?


Facebook Hyper Traffic

In the course you’ll benefit from receiving valuable information on how to get the most out of Facebook marketing from advertising, to creating a Facebook fan page marketing plan, to making money from various streams such as using affiliate programs etc.

The Facebook Hyper Traffic System consists of –

  1. Over 20 tutorial videos
  2. Over 300 PDF manuals and pages
  3. Diagrams and process maps showing you how to make full use of Facebook as a traffic source, plus more…

Let’s take a look at the course modules in more depth –

  • Module 1: Identifying The Target Marketing
  • Module 2: Registering You Facebook™ Profile
  • Module 3: Tweaking Your Facebook™ Profile
  • Module 4: Setting Up Facebook™ Profile Tabs
  • Module 5: Finding Facebook™ Friends
  • Module 6: Creating and Tweaking Fan Pages
  • Module 7: Posting Content and Finding Fans
  • Module 8: Engaging Fans and Tracking Results
  • Module 9: Community Pages
  • Module 10: Joining Facebook™ Groups
  • Module 11: Creating Facebook™ Groups
  • Module 12: Using Facebook™ Applications
  • Module 13: Creating Facebook™ Applications
  • Module 14: Facebook™ Events
  • Module 15: Facebook™ Notes
  • Module 16: Promoting Your Facebook™ Presence
  • Module 17: The Facebook™ Ads Platform ( This module is linked to the Expansion section for advanced Ad Platform modules)
  • Module 18: Creating Facebook™ Ads

The Facebook Hyper Traffic System is a powerful course, broken down into 18-hypercore modules as outlined above, asides from the course fee itself of $39, there is no need to spend any additional fees on learning how to market and monetize through Facebook. It’s an all inclusive package filled with tons of valuable marketing information if nothing else.

Is this course right for you and your business?

You can make money from Facebook and if you’re looking for a decent enough course to show you how, I believe that there isn’t a more comprehensive system on the market than the Facebook Hyper Traffic course right now.

The great thing about this course also is that you don’t need to be a marketing expert or a schmuck sales person, or even spend hours of your valuable time writing content, though all that does help.

Our Verdict

It’s not a bad system at all, the information in the course and tutorials are valuable. The only snag is that the sales page promoting this product is way too overpowering, there’s simply too much information to absorb on it, like a typical sales page. Is it worth $39? Absolutely, and if you’re not happy with what information you’ve gained from using the course within 60-days, you can get a full refund anyway, so what have you got to loose?

Download Facebook Hyper Traffic (Affiliate link)

Here’s our score for the Facebook Hyper Traffic review

Cost: $39 Score: 9/10

Information Value: 18 Modules, 300 PDF pages, diagrams & process maps Score: 9/10

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days Score: 10/10

Final Score: 9.5/10

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  1. Yeah facebook has become very powerful portal which can also help others to earn money online.

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