How Often Should I Update My Blog?

I recently had the pleasure of helping a friend of mine set up a blog for the very first time and one of the first things he asked me was… how often should I update my blog?

I think that one of the biggest obstacles in keeping a blog updated regularly is finding material or topics to actually blog about, which is why it is imperative that anyone starting a blog should consider their niche carefully.

Being consistent can be challenging, some bloggers are only posting a post a couple of times a week whilst others are publishing multiple posts on a daily basis.

To be honest it isn’t actually written in stone how often you should be updating your blog, however if you’re planning to get serious with blogging then you should be posting frequently to say the least.

how often shoud i update my blog

In an ideal world posting one quality post per day would be sufficient, however if you’re strapped for time due to work or family commitments for example, then you should try and publish a post 3 to 4 times a week, because at the end of the day quality matters more than quantity.

It’s also always better to start with a few posts a week, and if you find that you have more time you can always increase the number of posts. Many bloggers start out with whacking 2 or 3 posts daily, and then working backwards to about 3 posts per week. I think this is a mistake because you then sacrifice quality for quantity and when starting out, creating a lasting first impression is also important.

Over to you…

I’d like to hear from you guys, how often do you update your blog? do you feel that posting everyday is necessary to make real progress?

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  1. I usually blog atleast once a day. If I do put up more then one post I change the topic so I am not diluting the content.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Tim, thanks for stopping by, I agree with you, a post per day at least ensures that you’ll put quality before quantity, thanks.

  2. Graham Lutz says:

    I’ve always said that 1 awesome post every week beats out 1 so-so post a day. I try to do posts on M,W,F, but if I don’t have time to do all three well, I let a day go before I’ll let quality go.

    Marcus @ The Sales Lion has a great post on this topic. He really hits the nail on the head.

    All this being said, I have found that the days I post, I have higher traffic – this would mean more posting = more traffic.

  3. leroy dawkins says:

    I do maybe a minimum of six to ten blogs a day plus work full time. what I tend to do is about 3 or 4 quality blogs and the rest are just features… Ive been told im a big blogger and lots of people want to be featured so in this aspect i have to think about rank etc and hits to keep up… great and imformative blog :)

  4. Reseller Hosting says:

    Hi, Fabrizo!

    Consistency is really important, but that is really a problem that time don’t let us to manage both the things side by side, but still we are all struggling for keeping both things on top.

    well see who wins. :)

    Best Regards

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey RH thanks for your contribution, many new bloggers do struggle to find the time to update their blog’s properly, I know a few myself whom I’ve set up but are really tied down for time due to work and their extravagant social lives’. Graham’s suggestion is a good one at that, posting one good post per week, hope to see you here again soon, and thanks.

  5. I used to write one post a day in my main blog. Lately, I update my blog once in 3 days and make it a point to approve the blog comments daily due to time constraint.

  6. Hi, Fabrizo!

    Consistency is really very important, but that is big problem for me that time don’t let us to manage both the things side by side, but still i am struggling for managing both as much as possible.

    Best Regards

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Sara, thanks for your comment. You know what, I understand where you’re coming from to a degree. There are times that I’ve been so busy with running my other online businesses that I don’t find time to write a decent enough post. So what I’ve decided to do whilst I knowing that being consistent is importantm is to post less frequesntly and I mean by posting one post per day. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I usually try to post everyday but I find that kind of hard sometimes, and so it comes out more like 3 to 4 times a week.

  8. Great to know!! Just started our business blog yesterday!! First time blogging.. Thanks for the info!

  9. work only at one blog and mange time suerly u daily update ur blog…….nice article

  10. Yes, I agrred with your, we should concentrate in the article quality instead of quantity, I used updated my blog 2-3 times/week

  11. This is a topic that is heavily debated upon by the seo community in particular. I think that you should at least do it once a week, but if your website is more competitive you should do it more often. It is just something that will vary per site and you will have to just test how often you have to update your blog to get your site ranked.

  12. When establishing a certain blog, consistency is very important. Blogs must be update as often as it should, I do update my blog base in my schedule time. Well, anyway you have a great points here and I learn a lot.

  13. I do updates my blog every now and then so that I stay connected with my audience, saying thank you for visiting my blog and appreciate their effort as well. Great information and I learn a lot of things here.

  14. I think I overdo my blog. I tend to get so anxious to lose readers and drop down the SERP that I get panic if I don’t write one post a day. Maybe I should go more easy on my self and realize that I need not to worry about not updating every day! Thanks for the great post!

  15. Stephanie Cole says:

    Hi Fab,

    Well this is what my main problem is not updating the blog regularly. Due to some other projects and home works its impossible for me to update the blog regularly.

    Although after reading your post i got some energy :) , to make my blog constituent.

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