YouTube Videos: 6 Ways to Promote your Products & Services Online

You’re probably familiar with YouTube no doubt, and you know that many marketers and entrepreneurs alike use YouTube to create inspiring videos to promote either themselves, their products and services or their websites even.

If you run an ecommerce website then using video’s can be a great way to promote your own products online, and furthermore increase your online sales. Nowadays creating a video for the web is relatively simple and you can be setup in no time at all. All you need to have handy is a digital video camera, or a mobile phone even that records high resolution videos. You can then edit your videos and post them onto YouTube or Vimeo even.

If you’re still wondering how video’s can help you generate more sales online, then here are 6 marketing ideas I’ve put together, using videos to effectively promote your products on your website.

1. Use YouTube videos to introduce visitors to your website or blog – Videos are great for welcoming visitors to your website. You could explain what your website is about, a little about your company and the kind of products and services you specialize in.

2. Use YouTube videos to demonstrate your products and services online – Give demonstrations of your products directly to potential customers looking to purchase and use your products.

3. Use YouTube videos to talk about the features & benefits of using your products – Consumers love to hear about features and benefits before committing to buy, so using videos is a great way to highlight some of these essential elements.

4. Use YouTube videos to compare products with other products from your website – If you have similar products on your website then you can use videos to compare them with one another closely.

5. Use YouTube videos to create online tutorials on how to use your products and services effectively – Videos are great for giving online tutorials, and you can do the same with your own products too. Explain to your consumers how your products work and effectively how they can use them in everyday life.

6. Use YouTube videos to give technical support and advice for your products and services – If you have a technical support page you can also use videos to create troubleshooting scenarios and demonstrate how to solve these problems easily.

As you can see using videos has much usefulness in promoting and aiding your products and services online, and helping you to get the most out of generating more sales to your online business!

  • Shivam Garg

    Hi Samantha,
    Nice post.I think Youtube being one of the top three social media sites can provide an excellent platform for promoting products.There are so many people available at a single place.And its really great to promote using videos rather than those text messages or banners.