Making Money Blogging: 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making You Much

Making money from blogging is something anyone, absolutely anyone can do right? Of course yes why not. Whilst this remains to be true not everyone can make a substantial amount of money from blogging. Some people make $50 a month, some around $500 a month whilst others make more than can be comprehended…

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I recently posted a guest post on titled ‘If your Aim is to Earn $50,000 a month From Blogging it will never Happen!’ you might want to check it out after reading this post. I talked about some of the reasons why a lot of new comers fail especially when setting their hearts on the thought of earning big bucks from blogging. It’s a bad mindset to get into, of course we all work towards making money from blogging eventually, but to go in with the complete mindset that you’re going to get rich isn’t going to make things happen.

Anyway in today’s post I’d like to share with you 6 possible reasons as to why you’re not making money blogging, so let’s take a look.

Niche – Some niches are more perceptible to generating income quicker than other niches. MMO and tech niche blogs are just some of them, whilst niches like doll making or knitting in fact might certainly struggle ;)

Not Utilizing More than One Method – Often you’ll see new bloggers starting out; they add some content on their blogs, then whack on some Google AdSense ads and sing kum by yah hoping for the money cloud to start pouring down on them!  There are many other methods that generate far better levels of income than Google AdSense to explore.

Low Traffic – Blog’s with low traffic is much harder to monetize. You need traffic to increase your chances of making money blogging.

Not Enough Input – How much time you invest in trying to make money blogging is also an important factor. If you don’t have the time to do it you can’t expect to make the kind of money from blogging you’d hoped for. Some bloggers can only spend evenings, maybe some nights and weekends due to work and other life commitments.

Poor Writing Abilities – Some bloggers struggle with the ability to write, which can have a huge impact on being able to create quality content that attracts traffic which make’s them money. Unless you run a video blog, you’re going to need to be able to write.

Focusing on too many other Projects – Whilst it’s great to be working towards building a network of blog’s sometimes it’s best to concentrate your efforts on one task at a time. The reason why some bloggers struggle to make more than say $10 a month from a single blog is because they take far too much on.

Making money blogging is tough work and demands an immense amount of time, don’t be fooled by those blog’s that tell you they make $10,000 a month from just a few hours work each day. They probably do now, but when starting out on your blog money making journey the hours needed are far greater than you can imagine, but in the end it will pay off, so stay positive and keep doing what you’re doing.

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  1. Graham Lutz says:

    I think there is a fine line between Focusing on Too Many Projects and Having Too Few. You need to have multiple streams of income in case one of them goes, you’ve got others. Where do you draw the line on the number of projects you work on?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Graham, thanks for dropping by today, yes you’re right in so many ways a multiple stream income is so much better than trying to draw blood out of one stone so to speak, I guess I should have said that rather than scatter your resources across to many projects try and focus your effird on just a a few productive ones to begin with.

  2. Samantha Wright says:

    Nice tips Fabzy, I think most bloggers do take on a little more than they should at times but thats not to say you can’t be working on other blogs projects at the same time surely, as Graham says it’s better to have multiple streams of income than trying to rely on one that’s barely scraping.

  3. I was just talking about this with a friend of mine who is just learning this “new” way of marketing online for her aromatherapy/massage business. She started a blog and is getting started, but she hasn’t branched out enough and it hasn’t been enough time+consistency to see results, but she’s not used to that yet.


    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hey Delena, thanks for stopping by, yes I think that if anyone can be consistent and survive the test of time then that’s a great start :)

  4. I think all niches can generate a great amount of money If you have a complete control over that niche and are a professional in that specific niche. By the way great reasons and I do think many new bloggers fail because of these. I my self am a newbie blogger and don’t make any serious money but I am not giving up and will continue to blog even if i don’t make any money ever. :)
    dilawer recently posted…Fable III – Xbox360, PCMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hi Dilawer, you’re absolutely right in saying about having control over your niche. I’ve chatted to a lot of bloggers recently about niche blogging in particular and some actually believe as much as saying that some of the more profitable niches are being saturated with people trying to make money in. I don’t believe that to be the case myself, the internet to me is like the universe… :) Don’t give up, one of the things I always advise to people is that the money shouldn’t be the reason why you blog, naturally anyone will tell you that. The first thing I enjoy doing each morning is getting involved in the community aspect of my blog and reading comments. Income comes always second to that.

  5. Royal Lowber says:

    One of the precious ways in earning money is making money trough online, there is no such precious as this! The Six reasons above are true and I agree it all.
    Royal Lowber recently posted…Abs Diet RecipesMy Profile

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