9 Best Online Business Ideas and Opportunities

Are you still thinking about starting your own online business? Why are you still waiting when there is no better time to start than now? Currently the internet is busting at the seams with opportunities, and 2011 couldn’t be a better time to start. Here are 9 online business idea’s and opportunities for you to consider.

Online Business Idea 1 – Niche Blogging

Niche blogging has been around for a pretty long time, but it is becoming more and more popular each year, and yep there is still a hell of a lot of room left for anyone wanting to start a niche blog, monetizing, dominating the market and making money from it!

Online Business Idea 2 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something pretty much anyone with a little online marketing experience can do. It’s still a great business opportunity and anyone doing it could potentially make a hell of a lot of money by promoting affiliate products and services on the internet. More over, you don’t need a blog or a website to get started; there are plenty of article directories and web 2.0 publishing sites you can use.

Online Business Idea 3 – Freelance Writing

If you’re a gifted writer and have a great deal of experience and knowledge in a particular niche or subject, then consider setting yourself up as a freelance writer. There are also a few sites in which you can start selling your articles such as ArticlesTrade.com and articleme.com if you really wanted to.

Online Business Idea 4 – Create your own Digital Products

If you think you’ve got what it takes to build digital product of your own, then this could be an opportunity for you to also promote ad sell your products online, either from your own website or third party sites such as ClickBank.

Online Business Idea 5 – iPhone / iPad App Development

The iPhone and iPad games and application industry has grown immensely over the recent years and it is estimated that the apps industry will be worth over $17 billion by 2012. In light of this there isn’t a better time to start a course in iPhone games and application development than now!

Online Business Idea 6 – Web Designer

If you’ve been successful with creating your own website or perhaps you’ve built a few sites for friends, then why not consider doing it for a living! Even if you don’t have much web designing experience, these day’s you don’t need to rely on a great deal of coding experience to start a business in web designing. Of course a little knowledge and experience does help, but I personally use WordPress and Moonfruit to set a few clients up now and again with small business websites, Moonfruit is a simple drag-and-drop online site building tool that boasts a wide range of tools and features, anyone can use it.

Online Business Idea 7 – Sell your own Products or Services

If you are able to create your own products at low cost then why not set yourself up an ecommerce website and start selling them online. There are some great sites which offer affordable ecommerce solutions such as Store2Go.net and ekmpowershop.com that you could use.

Online Business Idea 8 – Drop shipping

The great thing about drop shipping is that anyone can do this and you don’t need to get involved in holding stock or despatching goods to customers, you simply act as the middle person connecting consumer orders with manufacturers. You can use drop shipping company directories such as esources.co.uk and thewholesaler.co.uk to find products that you want to sell on your website. One easier option is to signup for an affiliate account with Amazon or eBay and display products on your website or blog.

Online Business Idea 9 – Create a Photo Stock Website

If you own a digital camera or you may even be lucky enough to own an SLR, then how about selling some of your photographs on the internet? You could also use websites such as photoboxgallery.com and Flickr.com to get you started.

Well I hope that these are enough opportunity ideas to motivate you into motion! Perhaps you can think of a 10th business idea? As always leave your feedback and comments below.