Promoting Affiliate Programs: 7 Effective Online Methods

OK, if you’ve just stepped foot into the world of making money online through affiliate marketing, here’s a helping hand! Here are 7 popular and effective methods in which to use content marketing for promoting affiliate programs effectively.

1. Promoting Affiliate Programs through Blogging

My top choice for promoting affiliate programs is through niche blogging itself. I know that one of the biggest pitfalls new and intermediate bloggers face when thinking about monetizing their blogs is the level of traffic they receive. If you need to build traffic to your blog then you should consider downloading Magnet4Marketing’s free eBook on 170 Ways to Build Traffic to your Blog. In the meantime if you’re already getting a steady flow of traffic to your blog, we’ll crack straight on at exploring ways in which to promote your affiliate links and banners on your blog.

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First thing you should consider doing is adding one or two of your banner ads from any of your affiliate programs into your blog itself, this is fairly easy to do. The most effective method is by placing them close to the top in the sidebar of your blog or website. You can also add one or two of your affiliate links in one of your navigational menu’s which is also affective.

That’s two optional methods, the other one of course is to actually blog about the products and services themselves, and then add your affiliate link’s and banners into the content. So in effect you’re using content marketing by reviewing, referencing or recommending a product or service from your affiliate programs to your readers searching for them.

2. Using Email Marketing

Another popular method of promoting affiliate programs is through email marketing. Whilst you’ve already created the content by blogging about the products and services from your affiliate programs, you can also use some of that content to place into your email copy and promote affiliate programs (links) that way. If you already have a list to work with then you can maximize its impact by encouraging it to go viral.

3. Promoting Affiliate Programs through Article Writing

Article writing or marketing is another widely used method of promoting affiliate programs. The way to do this is to write four or five very good articles about the product or services themselves. The trick is not to sound like a desperate car sales man when writing your articles. Choose a small handful of top article sites such as EzineArticles, Self-Growth and perhaps IdealMarketers who are all do-follow sites. With this kind of content marketing you can pretty much kill two birds with one stone so to speak. In your author bio you should be able to add a link to your website or blog whilst also adding a link to the affiliate program you wish to promote. Just be sure to check the site’s TOS before doing so nevertheless.

4. Using Web Publishing Sites

If you’re not too familiar with blogging or publishing sites even then check out the six listed below; these are commonly known as Web 2.0 publishing sites. (Recently reviewed)

These sites have much more to offer than the conventional article directories of the past. They work very much like a blogging platform, they’re revenue sharing, engaging and great for promoting affiliate programs.

Do exactly the same as you did with the article directories of writing four or five very good unique articles about the products and services you wish to promote. With these sites you can add your affiliate links into the content themselves without going over the top of course. Use images and videos to promote your links further but avoid trying to add banners ads you’ll just end up getting your articles rejected.

5. Creating a Landing Page

Something I myself have just started experimenting with and that’s actually creating a doorway or more commonly known as a landing page, promoting the product or service of your choice. I won’t go into a great deal of detail here, I’ll leave some of these for a more in-depth post for the future, but here are some simple examples of the process of creating a page.

  • Register a domain
  • Create a landing page on your current hosting account with your new domain
  • Add your content marketing blurb, images, videos etc and of course your affiliate links to the page
  • Market and promote your page and drive tons of traffic to it
  • Track your progress in Google Analytics
  • Make money from your referrals

6. Creating a White Paper or eBook

If you have the time you could even consider writing a short white paper or eBook to giveaway on your blog or website. The great thing about eBooks is that you can use them for promoting affiliate programs subtly through the resource of your eBook. Give away some valuable information, make a few recommendations and make some money in the process of it all.

7. Designing your own Banners

OK this may not apply to all programs, but if you’re allowed to do so consider creating some of your own banners to promote on free classified sites or even your own blog.
Well I hope that I didn’t rant on for too long and certainly hope these tips will aid you in getting the most out of promoting affiliate programs, links and banners, as always please pile your comments, criticism and any tips that you might have yourself below in the comments section.

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  1. Kevin Kimes says:

    Great list. One can also combine PPC with your first item, to turbo charge the readership. Treat the blog as both a landing page and a content blog, with prominent on-target ads for affiliate offers.
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  2. Maybe advertising in google can be the 8 effective online method for promoting an affiliate program!

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