Getting Started With Triond Web Publishing / Blogging Site

I recently had a guest article published on the Technshare blog where I share with you four top web 2.0 blogging / publishing sites; HubPages, Squidoo, Triond and Flixya, and just to add a fifth here, InfoBarrel is also useful.

These sites take article marketing to a whole new level as not only are they all revenue sharing, but using them is also a great way to market and promote your own website or blog. They’re also socially engaging, so you get to make friends thus drive more traffic to your site.

Ok so today I’d like to take an even closer look at Triond. Triond is very much a blogging platform like no other, although out of the five mentioned above, thet are the least popular one. Triond is completely free to register and use and you can also register by using your Facebook credentials.

Your articles are published on one of the many established sites on the Triond Web Publishing network each with its own mass of audience. Publishing articles on Triond will give you the opportunity to promote your own content, make lots of friends, get backlinks and receive top referral traffic to your blog or website. That’s basically Triond in a nutshell.


The dashboard is a simple layout; the main navigation give’s you some cool options on drop-down. The dashboard boasts an overview on earnings, content activity, visitor trends, top referring sites, traffic geographical distribution, top search phrases and everyone else’s top search phrases for both the last 30 days.

triond dashboard

Triond Web Publishing user dashboard

Web Publishing

Publishing content on the Triond network is a lot simpler than HubPages or Squidoo. You simply compose your content in Word document and then copy and past it into the online editor. You can add your resource and affiliate links, images, and you can also search for related images to match the nature of your content, which is a very useful if you don’t fancy uploading your own images.

You can also choose to submit your own media such as videos, and if you’re really finding it hard to decide what to submit then you can use the topic suggestions option.

triond c1

Online Editor


The content tab gives you information on how your published articles are performing and of course where it is published, you also get a breakdown of earnings from each published article, article views, comments, user likes and some basic editing tools.

You can also access your articles that are pending, articles that require revision, drafts and articles that has been declined.

The earnings tab will give you further information on your current month earnings and your payment history.

triond dashboard1Content Options


The community panel is extremely engaging. The newsfeed give’s you information on the latest articles published by your friends, view of your email inbox and sent items, your current friends list, fans and access to the forum. You can also click on the explore tab to explore more content and users to engage further.


The account panel allows you to make changes to your account settings such as name, address, preferred payment method etc. You can also write your profile description, upload profile picture and connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

triond profile view

User Profile View


  • Great publishing site for marketing and promoting your own website or blog
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Revenue sharing (Earn 50% of net amounts Triond receives from third party sites) Paid through PayPal, check or Western Union
  • Socially engaging (Gain recognition from your audience)
  • Do-follow
  • Articles published on most relevant content sites on Triond Web Publishing network


  • Low traffic at best of times despite it’s placement on the web

Comparison Data

Below is a chart comparing Triond with four other focused web 2.0 blogs sites.

Web 2.0 Stat Chart


  • Jason Mitchev

    Thank you, this is first time I hear about most of those networks and will definitely take a look at them Any time we can use free tools to help us promote our business is a welcome addition.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi Jason, thanks for your comment today and welcome to M4M. I do believe that utilising web publishing sites are the way forward in content marketing, best of luck. Hope to see you here again shortly.

  • jackoo

    i can do that… some how if i tried different blog platform, it made me confused cause i’m blogspot and wordpress users..

  • Andrew Walker

    Hi Fabrizio,
    I just know about Triond from your post. And I think, it’s interesting. Maybe I’ll try to use it. Thanks mate!