8 Useful WordPress Plugins To enhance Your Blogging Experience

Let me remind you why we love WordPress so much!  It is because of its unlimited customization capabilities made accessible through a wide range of themes and plugins.  On the subject of WordPress plugins it’s been a while since we recommended or reviewed any for that matter.

Check out the following 8 useful plugins below, some of which I’ve personally found to be pretty useful if not for this blog, one of my other one’s at least.  You might have already come across one or two of them, but if you haven’t they’re definitely worth checking out.



Onswipe makes your content look more appealing on touch devices such as iPad and iPhone.  Currently the features include accelerometer aware which changes the way content appears according to the way a device such as an iPad is being held.  The full version is not yet available but you can signup for the BETA preview.

Simple Google Analytics

This plugin is ideal for those looking for the simplest method of installing the Google Analytics code into their WordPress blog.  Not quite as complex as Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin but nevertheless it’s simple enough to use.

Facebook Comments

This nifty plugging allows your blog visitors to leave comments on posts using their Facebook profile.  The plugin supports custom styles, notifications, combined comment counts and recent comments.

Newsletter Signup

This plugin allows you to place an email newsletter signup form into your posts or the comments section of your blog.  The plugin supports popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Aweber, iContact and Feedblitz and more…

WP CopyProtect (Anti Right-click)

Fed up of having your content ripped off? Join the club or alternatively use WordPress CopyProtect which helps you protect your blog’s content from being scraped.  This simple plugin has many features including disable of text selection and disable of right click, very useful.

WP Comment Autoresponder

If you don’t have the time to go through each and every comment left on your blog that deserves a reply then this plugin could be for you.  Realistically it’s not a solution to leaving a reply, but what this plugin does is send automatic mail messages, such as a ‘thank you for visiting’, please call again, when your visitors leave you a comment on your WordPress blog.

Social Crowd

Social Crowd is a cool plugin that allows you to display your social counts such as number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube fans and RSS subscribers etc.

ViperBar by ViperChill

ViperBar ultimately deserves a post of its own.  It’s an awesomely placed together WordPress plugin that places an email subscription form above the header of your blog.  What’s more astonishingly amazing is that this plugin is free to use on your blog.

  • http://discountcouponsupdated.com waterpearls

    Hi Fabrizio,
    It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing 8 useful wordpress plugins to enhance our blogging experience.This post is helpsul for many readers.

  • Torry

    one thing I want to add here WP Comment Autoresponder can be very annoying to your visitors as it send the same message to visitors who write multiple comments in your blogs.It looks something like spamming.i use most of the plugin from your list in my blog

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Torry thanks for stopping by again, I’ve just tested WP Comment Autoresponder on one of my blog’s and it does seem a little spammy so I’ve deactivated it, thanks for the feedback nevertheless.

  • http://www.rojish.com Rojish

    I use most of the plugin’s listed above. Viperbar is an awesome plugin but I am not using it in my main blog because I already have pop up domination. Also I am not that great fan of WP-Comment Autoresponder. For some readers such automatic emails will be very annoying and may flagged as spam.

    Thanks for the post buddy :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Rojish, yes I agree the ViperBar is a great plugin, I alternate the use of it with the HelloBar which works great, thanks for the feedback on WP Comment Autoresponder.

  • http://www.freeclassifiedadslondon.com Donna

    Great post!. I love the article as well as your site all in all! Your write-up is actually incredibly plainly written as well as without difficulty understandable… WordPress plugin is really great!

  • http://techgopal.com TechGopal

    really useful list & i use most of the plugins for my blog