Why SMS Marketing Can Provide Big Gains For Small Costs

What is SMS Marketing? Most B2C companies out there have or are beginning to explore social media as a part of their overall marketing plan.

One of the best reasons for doing this is obviously the low-cost/high-exposure that comes with the medium.  The one downside to marketing in social media is that the user still has to find the message you’re trying to put out.

This runs the risk of being ignored or simply never being found in the first place.  I believe that SMS and other mobile marketing techniques provides us with an answer to this.

My first reason being that SMS marketing is optional for the consumer.  The business simply has to say text “word” to “######” for whatever deal they may be providing.  From that second on, the company has the consumer’s information on a completely elective basis.  In effect, it really couldn’t be more simple.

If you already have a solid customer base, your list can essentially build itself.  This will also ensure that you aren’t being a nuisance to your valuable customer base.  Even a text sent once a week won’t bother most consumers.

Second, it really is one of the most convenient, direct ways reach your customersEmail may not be checked for days.  Postal mail will be thrown away.  A tweet just disappears into the Twitter clutter.  Facebook posts may never reach their news feed.

Television advertisements may be skipped over on the TiVo. But!  Most folks will always check a text message.  This essentially ensures direct exposure.  For some low-priced products, it may even translate into immediate purchase.  This is too great a possibility at which to thumb one’s proverbial nose.

Third, SMS marketing gets rid of the clutter.  When one of these messages is received, you have the opportunity to directly say what you want to the consumer.

Rarely is a direct hard-sell possible or effective.  But when you have a limited number of characters and the consumer wants to spend only seconds with the offer…this becomes effective.  Anyone that will opt into a SMS marketing program will likely be familiar enough with their phone that they will read the offer and analyze its value within seconds.

This can be incredibly practical for them and you.

Finally and sometimes most importantly, it’s affordable.  The pricing for a lot of SMS marketing services can make them very attractive to local businesses, such as restaurants or boutiques, because of their low price.

These kinds of companies can also send their messages to as many or as few people as they would like at a time.  If a small town establishment has only 50 people on their list… they could send them multiple offers per month for usually less than $20!  If the offer is effective they will surely make this money back.

While the cost-effectiveness can vary based on business size, geographic location, prior knowledge of the brand, etc, this is a marketing medium that should not be overlooked.  Many would think that it is a medium that has already had it’s time to shine, but if done effectively and pointedly programs of this nature can yield big returns.