20 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO

Are you feeling the effects of the recent Google algorithm updates? Have you been seeing a gradual decline in the level of traffic to your blog over the recent months? You’re not alone, I’m personally not looking forward to publishing my blog traffic report at the end of this month because I can tell you for a fact right now that it’s going to be a  bitterly disappointing report, yep I’ve been bee-atch slapped by Google’s damn Panda too!

Drive traffic to your blog without SEO

Ok in today’s post we’re going to take a look at how you can get one back at Google, with our top 20 effective ways in which you can generate traffic to your blog, without the use of SEO; so quit fiddling about with SEO plugins, bullsh@t keywords and start implementing these tactics into your blog traffic building strategy today.

Get on StumbleUpon

SU is an awesome social bookmarking tool that is well underrated. It allows you to post and review topical websites, web pages, blog posts and articles with your followers on the web.

Use Su.Pr Url Shortening Tool

A powerful and effective way to shorten your URL’s and share content via other social sites such as Twitter & Facebook across the web. Get more views on StumbleUpon and attract more followers too using this powerful tool.

Tweet More…

OK, I don’t literally mean sit there and tweet content and links to your blog posts every 10 minutes or so, but tweet more regularly at peak times of traffic definitely. If you have a smartphone then consider downloading the latest Twitter app for your iPhone or whatever you have, and get tweeting more regularly whilst on the move.

Digg More…

Digg is a great way to get your content going viral and building a mass of followers (potentially). I’ve started to use Digg a lot more these recent months, and I find Digg just as useful and a great social bookmarking tool for sharing all kinds of related content on the web.

Attract more Facebook Fans

Getting more Facebook fans is challenging I’ll admit that much, but worth every effort. Check out our post on 56 ways to get more Facebook fans.

Comment on more Blogs that use CommentLuv

Find as many other blogs within your niche that uses the CommentLuv plugin and create a bookmarking file for them. Start posting informative and topic related comments to give your blog some extra authority, backlinks (although we’re not really on the topic of SEO link building) and to attract referral traffic.

Post your WordPress blog feed to LinkedIn

Join Online Forums

Online forums are a great place for mingling with others and stamping your authority, which will in effect drive traffic back to your own blog.

Post a Series of Videos on YouTube or Vimeo

Create a series of ‘how to’ tutorial or ‘video blog reviews’ and create a YouTube or Vimeo channel to promote them with. You can also attract and build subscribers to your YouTube channel which you can then use to channel back to your blog.

Build a list

Ah, the list building principal and the number one most effective strategy of online marketing; Building a list takes immense time and patience, but it might be worth checking out our email marketing ideas and suggestions on how to effectively build a list fast and effortless.

Build more RSS subscribers

RSS readers are your blog’s lifeblood in the words of John Chow himself. Ensure that you display your RSS icon and feed subscription form prominently in your blog, your website, Facebook landing page and anywhere else that deems appropriate to get more subscribers.

Get on Bloggers.com

Bloggers.com is a popular social networking site for bloggers. Get on there now and start making friends with like minded bloggers from around the globe. Get voted and interact with the people you follow online. This is a great way to promote your blog and attract followers and of course drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Get on SWOM

SWOM is a social networking site for internet marketers and business marketing gurus. You can even make money online using SWOM, though their monthly premium might be enough to send you scatty.

Get some Business Cards Printed

Business cards are still a powerful blog traffic and marketing weapon to have in your wallet. They’re not just for the tie wearing, sales driven freak shows, but for the modest bloggers looking to promote themselves offline too.

Create an iPhone App

Check out our course review on teaching you how to create an iPhone app and making money from them. Get bucket loads of traffic to your website as a result too.

Design your own Facebook App

If you have some knowledge in app building for Facebook then this is another great way to build and attract targeted and respectful traffic to your blog.

Create your own WordPress themes

Again if you’re hot on programming, editing codes and building websites then consider creating your own WordPress themes. Make them freely downloadable from your blog and see the traffic come roaring in!

Create a Viral Email Marketing Campaign

Make your next email marketing newsletter viral by adding social bookmarking and sharing tools, add a ‘send to a friend’ link feature and offer an incentive for recommending someone to signup.

Organise and hold a Webinar

Got something worth ranting about and educating others with? Consider holding a live webinar and inviting loads of others to listen in and interact with you on your webinar. A great way to market and promote your blog without a doubt.

Guest write on other Blogs

Finally get on blogs that allow for guest writers. Guest writing on other blogs is one of the best ways to build recognition in your field of expertise and drive targeted referral traffic back to your blog.

Well who needs SEO? Hope this is enough to entice you to build traffic behind Google’s back, enjoy. Oh and if you want more tips on getting traffic to your blog download our free eBook ’170 Blog Traffic Tips’

If you have any suggestions or tips please feel free to share them with us below in the comments section as always.

  • http://www.upcomingentrepreneurs.com/ Terje Sannarnes

    I would like to say that such method as social networking has become an effective way to generate regular and targeted traffic to a website. Moreover, it is becoming more and more popular. I think that social networks will become a good alternative for search engines very soon.

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Yes I agree with you regarding social sites being a competitive alternative to the search engines. I’ve always thought though wouldn’t it be great if Facebook were to add a search engine facility to allow it’s users to search for resources on Facebook such as groups, fan pages, Facebook notes in particular etc, and to have them rank similar to how Google ranks pages from the web, just a thought :)

  • http://djshelpline.com DJ Trinity

    This is great and releasing a free ebook having valuable information is must and also other points are great to get traffic to blog.This is one of the best article, I ever read about promoting new or existing site.

    Thanks For Sharing

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hi DJ Trinity, great to see you on M4M today thanks for stopping by, I’m extremely pleased you enjoyed the tips today and hope to see you here again soon ;)

  • http://www.khabrichacha.com Khabri Chacha

    no doubt, each tip was like killing the thousand fire flies, Google panda really affected some bloggers, but it’s the time to work hard, and to fight back ,:D

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano

      The Panda updates kind of worried me half-way through the month of May when I saw my visitor count almost touch 400 per day at the start and barely touching 200 per day towards the last week of May. But as you rightly said it’s certainly time to start working harder and fighting back and building more traffic, good luck my friend and come back soon.

  • http://solidsurfacecountertops.net/ formica countertops

    20 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without SEO! this is very interesting topic.. i don’t event think that without SEO we can promote and drive drive traffic… thanks a lot for sharing this very valuable and information tips you’ve given to me this day… I’m sure more readers gonna like this article…

  • http://jobnary.com Richard C.

    I have been looking for a well detailed idea on how to drive traffic to my new blog for sometime now and I have to say that this post has been very very useful. I hope this will help me get more traffic to my blog as i can’t wait to implement these tips. Thanks a million for this great post!

  • http://www.guidinginstincts.com/ Jordan

    Wow! these are some great ideas indeed! As I have been pursuing a few of the suggestions, it appears that I missed a couple of good ones like building a list and promoting my blog though email marketing campaigns. Thanks for the information.