Magnet4Marketing Blog Traffic & Income Report: April 2011

Please note: My monthly traffic and income reports have been moved over to my personal blog at Online Income Journal

Well I was originally going to publish a blog traffic report at the end of June but after some careful consideration I’d thought I’d start publishing a blog traffic report each month starting from April 2011.

The purpose of the report is to demonstrate and of course inspire newbie bloggers who are just starting out now what can be achieved in just over 6 months of blogging.

High Bounce Rate

I published a post not so long ago about how I was going to work towards lowering the bounce rate of my blog which is quite high at present, and so far in the month of May I am already starting to see the bounce rate reduce on a daily basis.

April Traffic ReportApril Visits

March VS April Traffic ReportMarch VS April Visits

April Traffic StatsTraffic Sources Overview April 2011

Stats for April 2011

Visits: 7,739

Page views: 11,361

Pages/Visits: 1.47

Bounce Rate: 79.64%

Time on Site: 1:27

New Visits: 87.88%

Goals for May:

1. Reduce bounce rate

2. Increase traffic

Income Report

Here is a short report on income for April generate from Magnet4Marketing.

Google Adsense: $28

Infolinks: $N/A (Deactivated from blog during April)

Affiliate Marketing: $268.99

Private Ad / Text-Link Sales: $15.00

Total: $311.99

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  1. Statspotting says:

    Can you share more details on the affiliate marketing part?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Of course: ShareASale: $188.00 (StudioPress) | WordPress Themes: $80.99 (Templatic, WooThemes)

  2. Tarrum says:

    Hmm, has Google Panda hit you in any way? 5K from Google is quite nice and the bounce rate is indeed, a lil bit too high. I’ve had some problems with it too but I started checking out which sources that I worked on brought high bounce rate visitors and then immediately stopped working on them. But at least your 1:27 time is alright, that’s pretty good!

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hi Tarrum thanks for stopping by, yes the bounce rate is something of a concern and I’m working on this month and will hopefully see an improvement for the next traffic report. One of the things I’ve started to do is internal linking a lot more and focsuing creating a few more niche focused articles which seems to be working at the moment. I think the Google Panda effect is starting to take effect over the last week or so I’ve seen a drop in traffic growth, but again will focus on building more traffic as the blog grows. How are you finding the effects of Google Panda?

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    Good to see the blog traffic increasing and making a little money too :)

  4. Good that the bounce rate is reducing. The income looks great too. :)

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Thanks Jasmine, we had a pretty good month last month with affiliate earnings and although it’s early days yet with making a little bit of money from blogging it will increase as we invest more time into affiliate marketing and building traffic to the blog. Great to see you here again :)

  5. It seems that you do great job with affiliate marketing, right ?

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hi Tony, yes affiliate marketing is the one thing that I enjoy doing and ultimately try the best I can to increase my affiliate income each month. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great statistic. What activities have you done for reducing your bounce rate? Congratulations on achieving your goals. I think now you have much more traffic. Is your page rank also increasing?

  7. John Anderson says:

    Congratulations for that great statistics, you really did a great job and you really deserve it all. As a newbie blogger, you really inspire in many areas of my life.

  8. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

    Thanks for the mention on your blog, much appreciated ;)

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