Smart And Creative Ways To Improve Your Business Cards

Smart Ways To Improve Your Business Cards

Everyone should have some form of business card.  Whether you’re a CEO or a freelance juggler, at some point someone will ask you who you are, what you do and how they can get in touch with you.  That’s when the business card pays off.  But no matter how you make a living, a business card should be at least a little bit memorable.

It’s a plain 3.5’ by 2’ inch thing that will leave a lasting impression of you with the recipient.

The question is how do you want to be remembered? As just another guy with a boring white card, or someone who showed real ingenuity?

It’s your choice, but I know who I’d want to be.  And fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve your business cards using f-words.  No…not THAT f word, but these:

  • Form
  • Function
  • Fun

Let’s dive deeper into becoming more creative with your business card design ideas!

1. Form

The form and shape of a business card is pretty standard… or is it?

I ask you this; why does it have to be a tiny rectangular piece of cardstock? Why not round? Why not a triangle? Why not a paper airplane? Why not break out of the standard box and do something that gets a double take when you hand it over?

Sometimes, especially at networking event, people take business cards without ever really looking at them.

When you try an unusual shape, yes the printing may run a bit higher, but it will be worth it in memorability points.  The only thing you may want to consider is size and storage; ideally a business card should tuck neatly into a wallet or pocket.  They do have to take it with them and no one will want to carry it around all night.

2. Function

A business card has a job right?  It’s supposed to be a mini portable billboard for your company.

But what if your business card was more talented than that? What if in addition to promoting you, your card did something else…

It’s a bookmark, it’s a guitar pick, it’s a nail file, it’s a light… The point is, it serves another function beyond just bearing your name and contact info.  Just like with experimenting with shapes, when you play with purpose you may discover a business card that people do more with than store in a box.

3. Fun

Business cards tend to be so stuffy.  But is all that conformity really necessary?  OK, you’re a banker or a lawyer I get it.  You want to present a certain image, which makes sense.  But if your industry demands an ounce of creativity, then your business card is the perfect way to show that you have it in spades.  It’s fun to use shapes and multifunctional cards. It’s fun to play with colors, images, and humor.

People will remember a business card that made them laugh.  They may even share it with friends or co-workers.  If you can integrate a bit of personal or corporate style and flair into your business card take the opportunity! There’s always something to be said for tradition, but it’s those who break conventions that stand out. Don’t assume formality equals professionalism. It’s possible to be absolutely professional, while also demonstrating personality.

Business cards are a staple in any line of work. Don’t treat it as a throw away simply because you haven’t really thought of them in any other way. Limiting your vision for your business card to simply names and numbers is missing out on a great opportunity.

No business can grow until they are able to set themselves apart from their competitors in some way.  Using the same principle your business card can help you stand out from a sea of others.  Put serious thought into how you can explore business card options with form, function and fun; let your mind run wild with possibilities and create something that is uniquely you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, does your business card break away from convention?

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  • Kermit J. Faulk

    Thanks for the tips. I just opened my new business and was looking for inspirational styles to make my business card hip, cool and unique. But it seems that cards that have a different design other than the rectangular one (3.5×2) are quite radical. But I guess your points changed my mind.

  • Matt

    Some good tips here but the only one I fundamentally disagree with is the idea of using unorthodox shapes – ultimately these end up in the bin because they don’t fit card wallets or pockets very easily. It’s a novel idea though and can be used to good effect in specific circumstances.