The Google Panda Updates Survival Tips For Bloggers!

With the recent major changes in Google’s algorithm (Panda updates) targeting many spammy content scraping websites and blogs, content farms and sploggers (comment spamming bloggers), how are you making changes in the way you create content and perform SEO for your blog?

The new updates are good news for bloggers producing quality unique search engine optimized content, and for bloggers engaging in ethical SEO practices. The new updates however are not so good for bloggers producing poor quality, unreadable content and for bloggers using a high level of ad networks to generate income from their blogs…

Here are 5 essential steps you can undertake to ensure that your blog receives better search engine search result placement, and doesn’t run the risk of being penalized by the effect of the new Google algorithm changes.

Chances are if your site or blog is already indexed by Google, you’re safe for the time being, but you can also ensure that you keep in mind the steps below for any future updates.

Overuse Of Ad Blocks & Ad Networks

One of the biggest concerns for bloggers is the use of ad networks and ad blocks. This might include the use of Google Adsense, AdBrite, in-text advertising such as Infolinks and Kontera and other general ad networks.

Whilst many bloggers rely on ads to generate income from their blogs, the number of ads shown on a blog or website is often questionable.

Try to reduce the number of ad blocks that you have on your own blog and where possible eliminate the ads completely. Use only the recommended amount of Google Adsense blocks and lower or eliminate the use of in-text advertising where possible.

Create Unique Quality Content

Content quality is of big importance, so if you’re one of the many content scraping bloggers out there that enjoy going around ripping off content from legitimate site’s and blogs, then the only solution for you would be to either delete your site completely or to remove all the content that simply doesn’t belong to you.

Moderate Comments Carefully

If you’ve been a little bit lenient with your comment moderation recently and have been allowing the odd spammy comment to slip through, then you might want to change the way you moderate comments altogether in the future.

Spammy comments suck, and doesn’t give your blog any use or credibility whatsoever. Ensure that none of them slip through from now on, even the one’s that might look legitimate should be carefully screened before approving them.

Don’t Be A Splogger

Don’t be a splogger (comment spamming blogger). Just as you wouldn’t want someone else spamming your blog, don’t go around leaving spammy comments that have no value just for the sake of trying to get a backlink out of it.

Analyse Your Current SEO & Link Building Tactics

Finally analyse the way you perform SEO for your blog, in particular link building. Don’t exchange links with sites just because they have a higher Google page rank than yours, ensure that the content is of relevance and that your readers will find the site resourceful and beneficial to their needs.

Avoid using black hat SEO tactics too.

As Google continue to improve the effectiveness of their search service, so will the effect of how your blog or website complies with those changes and updates.

How are you finding the changes to Google’s algorithm? Has the recent changes affected your blog or website in anyway, share your thoughts, tips and advice in the comments section below as always.


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About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is a featured guest writer and the co-founder of She was awarded MasterCard Business Woman of the Year in 2007 and now loves to share her knowledge and insights in small business marketing. In her spare time Samantha is also a keen surf photographer, and loves to cook. Samantha currently works for Mole Valley Forage Services as a customer service unit manager. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.


  1. Wow thank you!

    I really wondered why my site has greatly been affected and there are a lot of blog even copying my content. I think it is probably I have bombarded my blog with a lot of ads. There are 3 link units, and three ad block by adsense and some affiliates. how many ads should i need to have it appear? Can you give me some recommendations? please send me and email…

    computer fool recently posted..Free Internet Using Globe Tattoo And ProxiesMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Hi Carl, I’ve just taken a look at your blog and it doesn’t appear to be too overcrowded with ads as you have the right amount of Google ads as per Adsense guideline it would seem. I would be tempted to however remove the very bottom Adsense link unit on the right sidebar and just have the one.

      Also you might want to try making the top ad block in the sidebar just an image only ad as you have enough of text ads displayed in your content / posts. Asides from that you affiliate ads look clean and the rest is OK as far as I can see.

      Just keep ensuring you content is unique, I have never ripped off any content on this blog but yet I’ve still been slapped by Google too, but never mind just have to work harder :)


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