Published Your First Blog Post? What Next?

So you’ve published your first ever blog post, many congratulations and welcome to the long road ahead to blogging success. It’s an exciting feeling when you publish your first ever blog post and one that you don’t experience too many times for sure. But what comes next in your unfolding blogging journey, let’s take a look.

Tell Your Friends On Facebook

Get on Facebook and let your friends know that you’ve just published your first blog post. Tell them about your blog, and your plans. Chances are they’ll either show you support or think that you’re a complete sad case and need to get out more…

…But who cares about the latter, just think that when all the hard work and perseverance has paid up, you’ll be making money from your blog whilst they’ll still be working their depreciated arses off in a 9 to 5 job and dreaming for someday to come.

First blog post

Create A Twitter Profile

If you’re not on Twitter then this should be one of your next task, after writing your first post, and telling your friends on Facebook. Create a Twitter profile in the name of your blog and start following others with similar interests to what your blogging niche is about. Eventually when you have enough followers you can begin to Tweet your blog posts on Twitter and getting more traffic referrals to your blog.

Tell Technorati

This is definitely something to be doing after writing your first blog post, and that is to add and claim your blog on Technorati.

Submit your Blog to 20 Blog & RSS Directories

Fabrizio recently published a useful article with a list of over 20 top blog and RSS directories. A suggestion would be for you get on the case and begin submitting your blog to as many of them as possible.

Get Inspired

Everyone is inspired by someone or something in life, and the same applies for blogging. Visit the blog of a successful blogger and start reading some of the posts there. Read their ‘about me’ page and become inspired to succeed with your own blog; Darren Rowse is definitely someone you can start with.

Get A Day Book or Use Google Calendar

Organization is one of the ultimate keys to success. Get yourself a day book or diary, or start making use of Google Calendar and start structuring and organizing your days for blogging. Schedule you posts, schedule the days for marketing and promoting.

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Install Google Analytics

As you progress on your blogging journey, you’ll want to keep tabs on your traffic growth progress and analyze your blog’s visitor behavior, so ensure you install your Google Analytics tracking code into your blog.

Write Ideas Down for your Next Posts

Make a list of some of the posts you’d like write and start writing them. You don’t have to post them all to your blog, just get practicing, the more the better.

So there you go friends, a compilation of some of the things you might want to do after writing and publishing your first blog post. The list could probably go on and on, but there are plenty of other informative posts on this blog for you to check out to help you on your blogging business venture.

As always please add your suggestions and any other tips you might have in the comments section below, enjoy.

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