7 Ways To Attract Targeted Facebook Fans

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Social media has been a great talked about topic here at Magnet4Marketing over the last month or so, and one that we enjoy very much blogging about. In today’s online marketing world, social media plays one of the biggest roll in targeting and driving consumers to businesses.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any Facebook marketing tips on here, so today I’d like to share with you 6 tried and tested ways to attract more targeted fans to your Facebook business page or more commonly known as, the fan page.

Having a great number of fans is great, but having a great number of targeted fans is even greater. Targeted fans are more likely to interact with you on your Facebook page and generally be more interested in the topics you share with them on Facebook, in turn driving them back to your website or blog.

Article Marketing


I love doing article marketing, it is in fact one of the first things I started doing way back before I even knew what a blog was really used for. You’ll also be surprised to know how effective this can be in building social media followers too.

Write several articles focusing around the similar topics that you would normally write for your blog, select a couple of top article directories such as Ezine, Self-Growth and Hubpages. Now when you publish your articles on these sites ensure that the only backlink there is in the author box is the one to your Facebook business / fan page.


Add Facebook to Email Signature


Adding your Facebook fan page URL to your outgoing emails or email marketing newsletters is another great way of targeting fans. If you’re using Rockmelt web browser and Google Mail then check out how you can customize your emails to contain a personalized signature in the body using the WiseStamp social extension.


Use Facebook Ads


Although advertising your fan page using Facebook ads can be quite costly, it can also prove to be quite effective in small doses. Work out an advertising budget and start an ad campaign for your page a few times a month and assess the results.

Encourage Your Current Fans to Share your Page


If you already have a few fans on your Facebook page then now is the time to start interacting with them. If you don’t ask, you don’t get I’ve always been told. Consider messaging all your current fans, kindly asking them to share your Facebook page with their friends and so forth. Don’t do this too many times however, if you’ve not done this before that’s great as you won’t come across as a desperate spammer.


Promote your Fan Page on Your Website or Blog


No doubt that you will already be doing this but if you’re not then shame on you. Click here to create a Facebook Like box for your website or blog.


Blog / Website Competitions, Promotions & Giveaways


This is by far one of my favourite marketing tactics and can be extremely effective depending on what you’re giving away. Consider holding a competition on your blog or website to give away something tangible or resourceful at least.

You can ask that entrants to your website competition become a fan of your Facebook page, as well as share your page to their friends as their form of entry into the competition, then watch your fan numbers grow!

You should also consider posting your online promotions and discounts to your Facebook fans to entice them to further share your content around.

Become A Fan Of Other Niche Related Facebook Groups & Pages


Find other Facebook pages with similar niche interests as yours and start to actively engage on those pages. You can use the ‘use Facebook fan page as profile page’ feature to attract more fans back to your own page.

So there you have it folks some great tips for you to start sinking your teeth into for getting more targeted fans on Facebook, enjoy now go get them.

About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is the second editor and co-founder of magnet4marketing.net. She was awarded MasterCard Business Woman of the Year in 2007 and now loves to share her knowledge and insights in small business marketing. In her spare time Samantha is also a keen surf photographer, and loves to cook. Samantha currently works for Mole Valley Forage Services as a customer service unit manager. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.


  1. John Chris says:

    I agree with this strategy. I’ve tried inviting and adding more friends on facebook but it will not work and it will block my account because of “spamming” .. What if I will put a follow link in my website management system website. Is it working?

    • John, I was wondering… Are you using your “personal profile” or “business page” or Facebook? Unfortunately, many businesses and professionals are using the personal profile set-up to engage with customers and peers. This is not permitted according to facebook terms of service, and occasionally will even lead to the deletion of a personal profile. As a marketer in a largely small town area, this is how most business there are using facebook, the wrong way. As part of my mission to make them take the leap to a professional fan page, I have to “friend” their personal profile first, and frequently find myself unable to do friend requests for a period of time. On the other hand, a professional fan page does not require you to have someone wait for you to “accept” their friend request. They can like you and get access to your info right away.

  2. SEO Reseller says:

    In order to attract targeted Facebook fan, include a call to action and add a personal element in your Facebook page.

  3. I found myself nodding while I was reading this post. Sometimes a call to action, or a simple request, is all it takes.

    When I ran my first giveaway on my blog, one of the things I did was give people opportunities for extra entries to the drawing, and one of the biggest things was to Like my fan page on Facebook. This worked extremely well, and those people who Liked the page stayed fans.


    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      You’re right Delena I’ve also found this one of the best ways to build loyal fans too.

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