13 Things To Keep You Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home is great fun and extremely satisfying, you wake up when you want, start work when you want and end your day when you want. You have the complete freedom and power to do as much or as little as you want.

However sometimes when things don’t run as smoothly as you’d expect them to, you can easily become lost in the absolution of it all and when this happens you can also become less motivated about working from home.

Here are 13 fantastic tips to keeping motivated when working from home, enjoy.

1.  Designate your working area

Get a desk, chair and set your office in a designated area somewhere in your home so that you won’t become distracted.

2.  Don’t take your work away from your designated working area

When you end your working day, don’t take your work away from your area, e.g. taking a laptop to bed!

3.  Set yourself small daily targets

Set yourself small achievable daily targets and aim to complete them by the end of your working day.

4.  Have an extended lunch break

One of the many joys of working from home is the freedom to use your time willingly, so why not have an extended lunch break. Don’t eat lunch at your desk; get out of the house if you can.

5.  Reward yourself

When you achieve your daily targets why not reward yourself by maybe finishing early or taking the rest of the day off!

6.  Don’t work on weekends

Weekends are for chilling out, spending time with friends and families so don’t be tempted to go to your desk to check your emails or to check what’s happening on Twitter or Facebook. It can surely wait until Monday!

7.  Take a holiday

Book yourself a holiday away from your home if possible. If you decided to take a week off to potter around the house you’ll just end up working the week instead of taking the time off.

8.  Take regular exercise / eat well

Taking regular exercise is essential, especially if your work-from-home career involves a lot of sitting down at a desk. Also ensure you maintain a well balanced diet to keep your brain in full working and in full focus.

9.  Inspire yourself by reading about the success of others

If you’re feeling a little de-motivated then get online and read about the success of others. I find this helps greatly and helps to inspire me to do the same.

10. Listen to music whilst you work

Listen to some calming music or the radio whilst you work, it’s amazing how the mind can become stimulated when working and listening to background noise.

11. Learn something new that will benefit you working from home

Why not spend a few hours or a day even in your working week to learn something new that will benefit you working from home?

12. Analyze your recent progress

One of the things I love doing from time to time is analyzing my recent progress. This could be a sales growth chart of recent months, or my website traffic stats or anything that will spur me on.

13. Start and end your day at roughly the same times each day

Finally, make it a habit to start your working day and ending your working day at the same time each day. This can help you become more regimental about working from home and help you focus to get everything done within the time span that you have.

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