11 Ways To Attract More Commentators To Your Blog

Getting more comments on your blog serves many purposes, but one of the biggest things that it does well is to give you an indication of how engaging your readers are on your blog.

Of course getting traffic to your blog plays a large roll in getting more comments. But if you’ve been building your blog steadily over the months or years perhaps and already have a steady amount of traffic how can you attract more commentators?

We’re going to take at look 11 effective ways in which you can start implementing straight away to get more reader engagement taking place on your blog.

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Let’s take a look.

  • Content Quality – The first most obvious and probably the most important of them all is the quality of your content itself. No one will want to read outdated news, or boring repetitive trash; so ensure that you stay in top form and create quality content on your blog on a regular basis, that is both informative and resourceful to your readers.
  • Readability – This is something we’ve mentioned over and over again in the past. The readability of your content needs to be good. That means making sure you’ve checked grammar and spelling. If you struggle with the English language as so many bloggers do, consider taking English classes to improve your writing.
  • Reliability – What I mean by reliability is the frequency in which you post articles to your blog. The only way to increase readership is to post fresh content on a regular basis; this helps towards generating more interest from your readers in general that will eventually will lead to better engagement.
  • Ask Your Readers Questions – Got a question to ask? Consider posting it to your blog in the form of a post.
  • Ask For Your Readers Opinion – What about an opinion? Often your readers can give you the best opinion there is. For example, ask for their opinion on your current blog theme; is the number of ads ok or too much? Asking questions and getting an opinion also shows that you value the thought and the input from your readers.
  • Use CommentLuv PluginCommentLuv is an awesome plugin which allows your commentators to leave a comment and a link back to their last blog post; whilst encouraging them to engage more on your blog, they also benefit from the additional exposure to their own blog.
  • Use Top Commentator Plugin – This is another great plugin worth installing in your blog. Reward your top blog commentators with a backlink on the homepage of your blog alongside the number of comments left.
  • Use KeywordLuvKeywordLuv is also another fantastic comment puller. This works by giving your commentators the choice of leaving their name and a keyword. E.g. Fabrizio@TopBloggingTips in the name field when posting a comment on your blog.
  • Engage More With Your Readers – This should really go without saying, there is nothing worst than a blog with no author engagement. I make a real effort to reply to most comments left on my blog; even if it’s a simple ‘thank you for stopping by, please come back and visit us soon’. Consider doing this too on your blog.
  • Hold a Blog Competition – Blog competitions are great fun and can instantly drive commentators to the respected post on your blog. Hold a competition where the rules asks to enter, a comment needs to be posted, and the best overall comment wins a prize, it’s a great way to both entice comments, engage with your readers on a fun and professional level and reward them with a prize at the same time.
  • Giveaway a Top ‘Commentator of the Month’ Prize – This is something new for me which I will be trying on this particular blog in due course, and that’s to reward the overall top commentator of the month with a prize, so watch this space.I encourage you to also try it out on your blog.

So there you have it 11 tips and suggestions on enticing better reader engagement on your blog. How do you encourage more comments on your blog? do you have any further tips to add to this list? I would love to hear them so please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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  1. In my opinion Using CommentLuv Plugin is one of the best strategy to attract more visitors! The more visitors you have, The more comment you get! It is the best tool that i have ever seen!
    Sally recently posted..Explanations And Functions Of Name Server And Domain Name ServerMy Profile

  2. Content quality is the key to attract comments. And I commentluv is a great way to attract comments.
    Sreejesh recently posted..The Pros and Cons of Group-BloggingMy Profile

    • Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sreejesh, yes content quality is definitely the most essential of them all :)

  3. Yahh, i need to agree with you. I also do that and it help me to get more comment in future.
    abrablog recently posted..How to get Trip to New Zealand for 7 day and 6 nightMy Profile

  4. marcus ollison says:

    I am glad you put content quality at the top of your list. Since google made their updates. Most bloggers and website owners with quality content did not take a hit in their traffic loss. Good call.

  5. Yes I am agree with you. Nice Tips and tricks You have shared. We should make the blogs on the best topics and use Commentlov and CommentLuv Plugins.

  6. Isreal Portales says:

    All I can say is more comments more traffic and that is what everybody wants right? I admit I want more comments to my blog and more traffic as well. Glad to know about the tips you shared it is useful. Thanks!

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