10 Ways To Promote & Advertise Your Business Offline

When it comes to marketing, promoting and advertising your business, it’s not all just about getting online and doing it: In today’s economy small businesses need to look at every possible avenue in which to utilize to reach its target audience. So today we’ll be taking a break away from marketing your business online and looking at some top offline marketing and advertising methods instead.

When it comes to promoting your business offline what do we automatically think of doing? We think of doing press releases, local advertising, using business cards, distributing flyers and using word of mouth to get our name out and about.

But there are many other methods of offline marketing and advertising for your business that often get overlooked, so today we’ll take a look at 10 effective methods of promoting and advertising your business offline:

Advertise Your Business Offline

Car Bumper Stickers

Car bumper stickers are a great way to advertise your business locally, and at a small price too. If you can come up with a good enough, catchy slogan, it can certainly encourage others to want to slap your stickers on their bumpers!

T-Shirt Printing

Everyone loves free gifts and what better way than to get some t-shirts printed with your business credentials on them. Again you don’t have to be formal, get creative and come up with your own stylish designs, get them printed up and give them away to your best customers at Christmas. Get your family and friends wearing them it really is a great way of advertising your business.

Mugs & Business Stationary

This is another fantastic method; giveaway goodies such as stationary, mugs, calendars etc, at the same time as advertising your services. Get on VistaPrint to do this as they’re quite cost effective and offer a wide range of advertising products.

Radio Advertising

If you have access to your local radio station then get in contact with them to see if you can afford to do some radio advertising.

Press Release

Getting your business listed in your local business directories such as the yellow pages as well as advertised in your local newspaper can also help with the promoting of your business. You can also try and get your business listed in the FreeAds or Free Classifieds if there is one going in your area.

If there is a specialist’s magazine available within your industry, it might also be beneficial to see if you can get your business listed in that too.

Support Local Events

How about supporting local events in your area? This is a very cost effective way to advertise your business locally. For example you might fancy supporting the local under 16’s football tournament by supplying refreshments, and in return get a mention of your business either on a banner or on a flyer. Make some inquiries to investigate this avenue a little further.

Raise Money For Charity

There is nothing more rewarding than being the proud owner of a business that cares about the well-being of others right? So it should be the case. Get your business involved in raising money for a charitable cause, and get your local press release to support you by writing an article about it in the paper. In return for doing something for the good of others, you’re also getting some extra publicity for your business as well.

Printed Flyers

This is a very popular way of getting your business name out and about. Printed flyers are extremely cost effective and tend to make more of an impact on your advertising efforts than any other form of offline advertising.

If you’re delivering flyers door to door, they either end up being thrown in the recycle trash, lost in pile of other newspapers and magazines, or left on the side for days or weeks on end. The great thing about this is that if your flyers don’t come to good use straight away they may well come to good use later on or at the time of need.

Business Cards

One of the veterans of offline marketing and advertising is the humble business card.

Vehicle Banners & Window Stickers

Using your vehicle as a mobile billboard, by placing banners and window stickers with you business credentials displayed on them is also effective, as long as you don’t mind doing so. Think of all the places you travel to; locally and regionally that can attract a larger audience and potentially increase the possibilities of getting more business.

Get A Lawn Sign!

This is another favorite advertising method of mine, and that’s getting a nifty little lawn sign made up using something like VistaPrint again. Again as long as you don’t mind doing so, lawn signs are great tools in which to advertise your business to passers by depending on where you reside.

Promoting your business offline is perhaps more physically demanding than marketing and promoting online in my mind and the possibilities are pretty much limitless as to what you can do. I guess what this post is trying to say is that; don’t put all your eggs in one basket by devoting all your effort online. Experiment and get around your local area to see what you can do to get your business out there, without the use of the internet.

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