15 Blogging Niches For Moms At Home

I’ve always believed that; moms that don’t have a day job to go to, or who work from home perhaps; are the perfect candidates for taking on the roll of becoming successful bloggers. Not stating that moms staying at home in general have all the time in the world, but let’s face it they have plenty of it enough still.

In this post we’ll take a look at 15 blogging niches perfect for the work at home moms.

Parenting – What better topic to start blogging in than parenting itself! Many work-at-home moms are well experienced in this subject needless to say, and perhaps starting a blog about parenting can be aimed at other moms looking for tips and advice on better parenting themselves.

Fashion – We females love fashion and one of the hottest blog niches that may well interest you is indeed fashion. If you’re passionate about your own fashion statement and looking good, as a mom then consider starting a blog about fashion.

Food & Drink – If you love fine dining and eating out then how about starting a blog in food and drink. Write a review on the last restaurant you visited, recommend places to go for lunch, review your favourite bottle of wine.

Self-Improvement Tips – If you can offer tips and advice on self-improvement then this blog niche is for you. There are many aspiring young moms out there no doubt looking for ways to improve their lives whilst raising a family. With this blog niche you can offer tips and advice on motivation and building self-confidence, helping others whilst making money from your blog.

Health & Fitness – The health and fitness industry is huge and if you want to be a part of the growing success then consider starting a blog in this popular and demanding niche. One of the things you’ll see plenty of is mom’s wanting to kick themselves back into shape after having a child or starting a family perhaps. If you’re passionate about health and fitness and can offer help and advice then this could be a rewarding business venture for you in the waiting.

Weight loss – Another big industry winner and popular blogging niche is in weight loss. Almost everybody these days are looking for ways to loose weight I’m sorry to say, even me! If you can offer advice on dieting, taking supplements and taking regular exercise then this niche is for you without a doubt.

Debt Advice – Debt management is something that is constantly being implemented by many individuals. Perhaps you’re one of them who have managed to fight themselves out of debt! If so then perhaps you can offer advice too. You can do this with your own debt management blog!

Jewellery – Aside from fashion, women love jewellery. It’s part of our fashion statement and if you can find interesting topics to blog about in this niche then make a start on it.

Shoes – Yes, yet another fashion statement and boy do we love shoes!

Shopping – It’s a known fact that woman love shopping and although personally I wouldn’t really know what to blog about when it comes to shopping except to probably brag about the things I’ve bought! Perhaps you’ll have a better idea. Blog about your latest shopping venture, how much you spent, what things you bought and how much! I really have no idea but if this is for you go for it.

Home Décor – Are you currently starting an interior design project for your home? If so then why not share your progress, ideas and expertise on a blog.

Photography – There are numerous successful photography blogs out there and if you love getting out and about with your SLR then consider ranting about your photos, tips and advice on photography on your own photography blog.

Recipes – We all love to cook and we all love to eat, and one of the most popular blogging niches is recipes. Why not share your latest flare in the kitchen, tips and advice on cooking with a recipe blog?

Art & Design – If you’re passionate about decorative art or perhaps you’re an avid collector of a particular type of art. Share your passion, stories and perhaps your own artistic creations with your own art blog.

Gardening – Finally we get to gardening. If you spend endless days admiring your own garden or love gardening altogether and feel you could easily offer tips and advice on the subject then consider starting a blog in gardening.

Well what a list and if that doesn’t inspire your ambitions then I don’t know what will. Of course there are plenty more other blogging niches you can add to the list and if you know of any then share it below in the comments section, I’d personally love to hear about them, for now though enjoy, and what ever blog niche you decide on I wish you the best of luck.

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