Published Your First Blog Post? What Next?

So you’ve published your first ever blog post, many congratulations and welcome to the long road ahead to blogging success. It’s an exciting feeling when you publish your first ever blog post and one that you don’t experience too many times for sure. But what comes next in your unfolding blogging journey, let’s take a […]

How To Attract Guest Writers To Your Blog

Blogging isn’t just a solo effort; as your blog matures and becomes more and more popular, and depending on your niche or topic, you will begin to receive growing interest from other bloggers wanting to contribute to writing content for your blog. There are a number of effective ways in which you can attract guest […]

7 Steps To Creating The Perfect Blog Post

Creating quality content on a daily basis is a challenging task for any blogger. Though many experienced and successful bloggers can do this quite efficiently; in fact many successful bloggers will produce more than one quality post per day, every day. Creating a quality blog post is one hurdle; the other is to optimize your […]

13 Things To Keep You Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home is great fun and extremely satisfying, you wake up when you want, start work when you want and end your day when you want. You have the complete freedom and power to do as much or as little as you want. However sometimes when things don’t run as smoothly as you’d expect […]

11 Weaknesses That Will Stop You From Pursuing Your Blogging Ambitions

I don’t care what anyone tells you, blogging isn’t easy work by any means. OK it’s not physically demanding either but it can certainly drain both your mental and motivational state of mind; it can consume your resources at the best of times and above all, it can force you to sacrifice much time away […]

iPhone DevSecrets: Create Your Own iPhone Apps

This iPhone DevSecrets review post was updated on 7th November 2012. Hey folks it’s time for yet another cool product review, and a while back some of you have been getting in touch with me about my income and traffic report, and one of the questions that was asked was ‘what is the iPhone DevSecrets […]

11 Ways To Attract More Commentators To Your Blog

Getting more comments on your blog serves many purposes, but one of the biggest things that it does well is to give you an indication of how engaging your readers are on your blog. Of course getting traffic to your blog plays a large roll in getting more comments. But if you’ve been building your […]

How Much Does It Cost To Setup An Online Business?

Setting up an online business can be a costly setup, if you let it be. Many people believe that building an internet business means laying out lots of money; though in many circumstances it really doesn’t have to cost you anything if much at all. You see it all depends on what you have in […]

4 Common Mistakes Made By Affiliate Marketing Newbies

Affiliate marketing is not easy business; it is one of the most challenging method of making money online. If you’re looking for an easy way to make some money from the internet, then use Google AdSense, but for what it’s worth you’ll get pennies instead of dollars. When venturing off into the world of affiliate […]

Best Google Adsense: WP Plugin Review

If you’re looking for a real simple way to install Google AdSense scripts into your blog then you might want to hear about the ‘Best Google AdSense plugin’ for WordPress by JelyHost. I installed this plugin into one of my other WordPress blog projects to give it a test run. It’s fairly simple to install […]