45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

So why should you promote your YouTube channel? Using YouTube is a great way to promote your business, products and services online. With over 3 billion view per day, YouTube us definitely one of the most resourceful social media marketing tools available on the web. The great thing about using YouTube is that you can be as creative as you like, from developing your own series of ‘how to’ videos or even create simple promotional videos to help you build brand awareness for your products and services.

OK folks in this post I want to share with you 45 awesome ways to promote your YouTube channel and get more viewers viewing your videos on YouTube, so enjoy.

promote your youtube channel

50 Ways to Promote your YouTube Channel and Videos

01.  Embed your videos on your website

Embedding videos on your website is a great way to get more hits and more subscribers, the beauty of YouTube is that it makes embedding so easy, whether you run an eCommerce or service website, your videos can get as much exposure as possible from targeted visitors.

02.  Embed your videos on your blog

Blog’s are great for adding fresh content, and adding fresh content also means by embedding videos also. If you create a video post for your readers, embed it in a blog post and hit publish.

03.  Link your videos in your email newsletters

Add a link to your latest video in your email marketing campaigns.

04.  Embed your videos on online forums

Online forums are great community sites and a great place to promote your YouTube channel. Create a new thread and embed a really useful and resourceful video for others to view. Chances are viewers on these forums will subscribe to your channel. Check out our list of top forums to participate on.

05.  Create a landing page and embed your YouTube video to promote your products and services.

06.  Share your videos on your Facebook public profile

07.  Share your videos on your Facebook business fan page

If you have lots of fans on Facebook embed and share your latest videos with them, this is a powerful way to get your fans sharing your video links with their friends on Facebook and subscribing to your YouTube channel

08.  Link your YouTube Channel to your business website

09.  Link your YouTube Channel to your blog

10.  Connect your YouTube account to your Twitter account

11.  Connect your Facebook account with your YouTube account

12.  Connect your YouTube account with your LinkedIn account

13.  Link YouTube to your SWOM profile (Social networking for internet marketers)

14.  Add a link to your YouTube channel in your WiseStamp email signature

15.  Add a screenshot of one of your videos and the URL in the printed version of your marketing newsletters

16.  Make your videos featured on YouTube

17.  Use Facebook ads to promote your YouTube channel

18.  Use Google Adwords to promote your YouTube channel

19.  Get printed T-Shirts with your YouTube channel URL printed on it

20.  Place your YouTube channel URL on your business cards

21.  Create product insight videos, upload to YouTube and embed them in each of your product pages on your website.

22.  Create a YouTube video promoting your other videos

This is something I’ve found pretty useful, create a video showcasing your top 10 most popular videos on YouTube

23.  Advertise your YouTube channel on other websites and blogs

Create a couple of ad blocks, upload them to buysellads.com and advertise your YouTube channel!

24.  Digg your videos

25.  Stumble your videos

26.  Like and Share your videos on Google Plus

27.  Tweet your videos

28.  Add your YouTube Channel URL to all your other social network profiles

29.  Ask others to ReTweet your videos

30.  Blog about your latest videos

31.  Add a link to your YouTube channel in your guest post author box

32.  Do a review of your most popular videos

33.  Embed your videos on your website’s ‘about me’ page

34.  Create a series of video blog or vlog’s and dedicate a category on your blog to them

35.  Create a Facebook fan page for your YouTube video channel only

36. Screen capture your videos and upload them as images to Flickr and Photobucket with your YouTube channel URL in the photo description

37.  Cross promote your videos

38.  Tag your YouTube videos

39.  Add your YouTube channel to your Yahoo MyBlog account

40.  Link YouTube to your MySpace profile

41.  Buy targeted YouTube views

42.  Buy targeted YouTube channel subscribers

43.  Add a subscribe to my YouTube channel link in your blog or your website

44.  Add your YouTube channel to your business directory company profile

45.  Link YouTube to your NetBlog account

46. Sponsor a YouTube video.

47. Bookmark your videos on Pinterest

48. Use JustRetweet twitter marketing to promote your YouTube channel and videos

49. Add links to your YouTube videos in your promotional eBook or white paper

50. Add your videos to your guest posts.

51. Comment on other related videos

52. Leave video responses.

Follow these effective tried and tested methods to promote your YouTube channel and you’ll soon be increasing views and subscribers. Well that’s all I have for you for now, as always if you can think of a few more to add to the list please contribute by leaving a comment below. We regularly update this list each time we find a new way to promote your YouTube channel, in the meantime enjoy.

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      Glad you found the YouTube promotional tips useful and thanks for leaving your comment.

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  3. Elijah says:

    Is it possible to use Adwords to promote a video or can you only use it for a channel? I’m wondering the best way to increase view counts (for the lowest cost). Questions about 41 and 42. Where do you buy these?
    41. Buy targeted YouTube views
    42. Buy targeted YouTube channel subscribers

  4. vincereyes says:

    great ideas on the video promotion thing-thanks

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    Also customizing the channel can be a great way.

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  12. Deborah Rivero says:

    I have searched and searched for how to do number 12. Connect your YouTube account with your LinkedIn account. All the information online shows that it is currently not possible without using another app like Slideshare. Can you send me instructions on how to do so, or send me a URL for this? I really don’t want to keep duplicating my efforts by posting videos in one more website. Many thanks.

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