How To Get More Followers On Stumbleupon

So how do you get more followers on StumbleUpon? Read on and I’ll share with you my tips… StumbleUpon is one of my favorite social bookmarking tools, and I for one have had reasonably good success in using it to effectively promote traffic to my blog.

Whilst there are now many other competitive platforms out there, such as Pinterest, and Stori.fy, StumbleUpon is still an extremely powerful social media platform, and one should not lose focus on building good followers and making the most of this marketing tool.

It’s a pretty simply calculation, if you can get more followers on StumbleUpon, you’re going to give more exposure to your content, thus increasing traffic to your blog or your website.

In this post we’re going to look at some tried and tested, and most effective ways to get more followers on StumbleUpon.

If you don’t yet have a StumbleUpon account, then what the heck have you been waiting for all this time? OK, no problem, you can signup for one completely free here.

6 Ways to get more followers on StumbleUpon

OK, let’s get started…

1. Brand your profile…

Whilst there isn’t much to do to customize your profile, you can give it your brand image as with all your other social networking profiles. So that means adding a decent bio and a profile picture. You should use your blog logo or the most popular Gravatar image that you use, as people looking for you will instantly recognize your brand image.

Get More Followers on StumbleUpon

2. Find and follow other Stumblers

You can find Stumblers with similar interests as yours by going to the follow link at the top of the page and browsing the recommended category and following some people that takes your interest, don’t go mental and over do it, you don’t want to be flagged as spam, I think there is a limit for each day on how man people you can follow in any case.

If someone follows you back, even better. If they don’t you can choose to stop following them by checking you’re following that’s not following you back. Unless they’ve providing you with topics of awesome interest, you can choose to stop following them.

You can also follow friends by hitting follow friends. You will be prompted where you want to find friends from i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google or even send out email.

3. Be Resourceful

Add and share useful and resourceful content and pages from the web on StumbleUpon. If you already have a few followers, check out what they’re stumbling and sharing to get an idea of their interests. Don’t post spam that goes without saying I know, but it has to be said, you’ll just end up annoying your existing followers and have them stop following you, even worst reporting you.

The more useful content you share, the more it’s going to be shared and go viral, the more others will want to follow you.

4. Share your Pages

Don’t just share on StumbleUpon, but share your discoveries on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus also. And remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get, so ensure to let your other followers on other social sites know that they can find you on StumbleUpon too, this is a great way to get more followers on StumbleUpon, and targeted ones too.

5. Add and share your link everywhere

Add a link to your StumbleUpon user profile in your monthly email newsletters, your YouTube videos, podcasts and any other mediums and platforms you’re using.

6. Follow me link

Add a ‘follow me’ icon or link to your website or blog and encourage your visitors to follow you.

So those are some very simple tips that will help you get more followers on StumbleUpon. If you have your own tips you’d like to add to the list, pop them in the comment section below as always. And before I forget, you can follow me here:


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