16 Top iPhone Apps To Try Before You Die!

Amongst the many thousands of apps available for the iPhone, we love trying them all if that is possible at all! However we’ve compiled our top 16 personal favourites which we thought would be cool to share with you. So in all its glory, here is our 16 top iPhone apps to try before you die, enjoy!


AccuTerra iPhone

This cool and wonderful app is a must for all you bloggers who love a bit of hill walking and backpacking on the weekends! Even if you’re not it’s still cool we think. The AccuTerra app practically turns your iPhone into a full throttle GPS navigation device busting with features galore such as Google Maps integration, downloadable all terrain maps plus much more. Find out more

NY Times

NY Times iPhone

Love reading your favorite articles on NY Times online? you can also get it on you iPhone for FREE! More information…


Square iPhone

Accept credit card payments with this cool credit card reader app from anywhere using your iPhone or iPad. More information…


LinkedIn iPhone

LinkedIn is the number one social networking site for businesses and you can also keep tabs on your LinkedIn interventions using this cool dedicated app! More information…

Yahoo Finance

Yhoo Finance iPhone

Keep up to date with all the latest finance news on your iPhone using the Yahoo Finance app. More information…


PayPal iPhone

PayPal has long been serving businesses large and small worldwide with easy and affordable online payment solutions, and we love using this app! You can now take your business anywhere in the world with this awesome PayPal app for iPhone. Access your history, transfer money, request funds, send funds and more with your iPhone and PayPal! Find out more…


Bump iPhone

Bump is an amazing app that allows you to share contacts, photos, music, social profiles and more by just by installing this app and bumping your phone with other compatible devices. More information…

Google Earth

Google Earth iPhone

Google Earth is probably one of our top 5 all time favorites. Access and explore planet earth from the palm of your hands with a single swipe. Features include maps, terrain, satellite images and more, and to top it all off it’s completely free to download and use! Find out more…

XE Currency Exchange

XE Currency iPhone

This is another one of my favorite apps, it’s simple yet extremely resourceful and handy to have. if you run an online business such as an online shop and use multiple currencies then this app is a must! Get the latest currency exchange rate at your fingertips from the webs favorite currency exchange site right on your iPhone. More information…

Adobe Photo Express

Adobe Photo Express iPhone

If you love taking photo’s with your iPhone then you’ll love using Adobe Photo Express! With the added option of purchasing the camera pack with features such as: reduce noise, self-timer and auto review. More information…

eBay Mobile

eBay Mobile iPhone

The eBay Mobile App has been around a long old while, I remember using their first mobile app with SPV C500 Smartphone! If you love shopping on eBay then this app is a must. The new 2.1 version allows you to browse eBay by category, support for listing items in Australia, sellers can set a reserve price on auctions, add tracking and shipping information when sold items are shipped plus much more, find out more information…

Sky News

SkyNews iPhone

If you love Sky News then you can keep up to date with all the latest headlines, video news and weather from your iPhone using this cool app. Other features include taking part in discussions on the Sky News blog and submitting your own mini news report. More information…

BBC News

BBC iPhone

Yet another top news app from the BB! Get top stories, Americas and technology news as well as listen to live radio… More information…


Twitter iPhone

If you’re anything like me and can’t stay away from Twitter then this app is definitely for all you iPhone and Twitter lovers. It’s the official Twitter app for iPhone and with it you can get tweeting and re-tweeting from anywhere you wish to be! More information…


Facebook iPhone

Another essential social app that’s a must for all Facebook addicts! This app has almost 70 million users worldwide and being Facebook it’s not hard to see why! More information…


AccuWeather App

Last but not the least of our favorites is the AccuWeather app! This app brings you all the latest local weather information that you’ll ever need. It uses the latest GPS technology and Google Maps application to gather all the latest weather information for forecasts with accuracy, no matter where you are in the world… More information…

Well that’s all we have for now folks and as always we love to bring you something fresh and totally off-topic from time to time here at Magnet4Marketing! Of course if you can think of or know of any other iPhone apps and games that you think we might like then shout them out in the comments section below, enjoy.

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  1. Seb Bailey says:

    Hey fabrizio great apps will try and download a couple of them to try out thanks for posting mate.

  2. Bexi Slade says:

    Nice apps, the square app is really useful for me as i can accept payments from my customers through trade shows and also if i’m selling items through my seminars. I will try and use a few of the others too thankyou so much for adding this.

  3. Samantha Wright says:

    Nice selection of apps another one I would have also mentioned is the Blogger for Android and WordPress apps.


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