Protect Your Blog From Right Clicks, Text Selection And Image Dragging

Content scraping is probably one of the lowest forms of ‘unethical blogging’ anyone can get involved in doing, and unfortunately there are still plenty of genuine bloggers out there suffering from people copying their hard work and even claiming it as their own!  People it’s time to protect your blog and all the work you put into creating your valuable content.

A while back we had to get in touch with another blogger, a complete newbie just to clarify, who was directly stealing content from this site, each time we published a post, he’d copy the entire content and past it into his own blog with no credit given back.  However a short and polite email stating that ‘if he did not remove the copied content, we would take legal action’ soon prompted him to delete the stolen content and that was the end of it.

But it’s not always that simple.

No one likes to have their blog content stolen and worst still, receive no credit back as the original creator of the content.  A while back Matt Cutts said it is possible that Google could outrank a stolen piece of content over your original piece of content (source).

Scary stuff right?

Whilst I understand and fully appreciate that great content should always be shared, after all that’s what the internet was intended for right?, yes but there is a right way to share content and copying, scraping, stealing or what ever you want to call it isn’t the right way.

Social, email, downloadable PDF and print are the best ways to share and use content if a blog permits it.

There will always be users willing to abuse the system somehow, so if you don’t want to fall victim of content scraping any longer, then protect your blog, and if you want to do just that, then you’ve got to check out this very useful plugin for WordPress; the WP-Protect plugin. This plugin has since been removed from the WordPress repository, however there is a very good alternative plugin called CopySafe Web Protection, which in a nutshell does the same things as WP Protect Plugin once did and more.

Installing this little plugin is so easy and it enables WordPress users to do several things, such as insert encrypted images into posts, control which web browsers have access to your protected pages and offer protection for all media from print screen and screen capture.

Protect your blog with CopySafe

You can learn more about this plugin here.

Other Ways To Protect your Blog

Whilst using a plugin as such is just one method of protecting your content, there are many other ways also.

I’d personally recommend signing up to DMCA content protection services, we use DMCA on this particular blog, you can see by checking out the DMCA link in the footer of this website.

Below is a short video by Matt Cutts posted on YouTube where he shares some useful information on how to make sure Google knows your content is original, and highlights the benefits of using DMCA.

  • steven papas

    thanks for the knowledge sharing Samantha. Usefull plugin. Yeah, copying and pasting content is quite common.

    • Samantha Wright

      Thanks Steven, it’s a common problem that can get really annoying and this plugin does try and at least help if not deter people away from thinking about stealing your content.

  • Vicky

    Hey Samantha, is that only for wordpress? do you how to disable image dragging for blogger? i need it so badly.