7 Free Blog Traffic Counters For Bloggers

As bloggers we love to monitor our blog traffic statistics to see if what ever it is we’re doing to promote our blogs is working or not, or which referral site is bringing us the most traffic.

By embedding a blog widget counter into your blog you’ll be able to keep a quick tab on who is visiting your blog and where from; blog traffic counters are also particularly useful for advertising to first time visitors just how popular your blog is, if they can see that there is a considerable number of people at any one time on your blog, it may give them the incentive to stay and check out more of your awesome content, but if you don’t receive much traffic to your blog right now, it might not be worth adding a traffic counter to your blog just yet.

OK, so if you want to consider adding a traffic counter to your blog, check out these seven free tools which you can signup to use straight away, chances are you’re probably already using one of these, but if not then take your pick, and enjoy.

See What Your Visitors Are Doing With These Free Blog Traffic Counters

1. Whos.Amung.Us

Whos.Amung.Us is a free real-time stats and visitor counter that you can easily install into your blog, website or even your social network profile.  Simply paste the HTML code generated on the homepage of their site into your blog and you’re done, it’s that easy.

But if you’re looking for a little more tools and features, you can sign up to their pro account for more detailed information on your site visitors.  The premium option costs from $5 per month.

Visit the Whos.Amung.Us website for more information.

2. StatCounter.com

7 Free Blog Traffic Counters For Bloggers

StatCounter has been around for a long while and offers an accurate, real-time web tracking counter that can be easily installed into your website or blog again using HTML script, and as you’ve guessed it’s completely free to use.

With StatCounter you have the option of using an invisible counter, as well as configurable counter and summary stats.  If you’re wanting to see information about your site visitors in real-time then you can learn more about Stat Counter here!

3. HiStats.com

HiStat is another 100% free and very popular blog traffic counter; HiStats is very easy to install, all you have to do is register your blog or website, pick a counter style and copy and paste the code into your blog and you’re done.  There are over 800 counter styles to choose from so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something to match the design of your blog.

So very briefly here are some of the reasons why HiStats is popular amongst webmasters

  • It’s 100% free
  • It offers statistics in real-time
  • It’s password protected and offers clear and relevant data, graphs plus much more.

Sounds good huh, well you can learn more about HiStats here.

4. SiteMeter

SiteMeter is probably the most widely used stats counter for many bloggers.  As with most of these online tools, there is a free service and a premium one to choose from; the free service allows you to simply register and place the tracking code directly into your blog.

The free features include visitors, page views per hour and per day as well as data from over longer periods of time.

The premium service for SiteMeter starts from $6.95 per month and offers many premium analytics tools, you can check out their premium tour here.

Go to SiteMeter to learn more.

5. pMetrics


If you’re looking for even more detailed data on each visitor that comes to your blog then pMetric is the one for you.

Features include; unique visitor detail, IP addresses, you can track outbound links and downloads (ideal for monitoring your lead capture page); mobile hardware reporting, Twitter analytics and much more.

Registering to use pMetrics is simple; however their registration page currently states that they cannot accept sites that receive more than 500,000 daily page views!  Which I’m sure for most bloggers that wouldn’t be a problem.

You can learn more about pMetrics here.

6. IceRocket BlogTracker

IceRocket (Now going under the name of Meltwater IceRocket) appears to have demoted their BlogTracker service, and is now a search engine for finding blogs, searching for posts on Twitter and Facebook.  I’ve since removed the link here but you can visit the site on the following URL: http://www.icerocket.com

7. BlogPatrol

Finally we get to BlogPatrol, this is another one of my top favourite free blog counters.  Easy installation again and can generate data such as individual visitor data, referrals, page views, daily forecasts and the general stuff.  Registration is free and and it’s easy to setup with 24 counter styles to choose from.

(Unfortunately I’ve since removed the link to BlogPatrol as the site is no longer available).

Since updating this post some of the blog traffic counters and site widgets have disappeared, however if you know of any other you’d like to add to this list that’s worth mentioning, please leave them in the comment section below.