7 Personal Development Skills Attained From Blogging

Blogging is much more than just being about; trying to make money online, or writing content for your personal diary. Blogging can become really personal and on the subject of personal I’ve found over the recent years that blogging can also help you to develop personal skills.

Let’s take a look at what skills you can develop through blogging -

1. Leadership

Blogging will give you a sense of leadership. Many of your readers will eventually come to you with questions regarding some of your content; they will inevitably want to ask for your advice and your opinion on various subjects because they will see you as an authoritative leader, someone with knowledge. So I do strongly believe that the sense of leadership can certainly be attained from blogging.

Development Skills

2. Become an Expert in your Niche

What ever niche industry you’re in, dedication and commitment to blogging will help you to become an expert in that industry. You will learn a great deal more as time goes by and you will be able to share that knowledge and experience to your readers and anyone you choose to educate in your journey.

3. Become a Prolific Writer

Writing content for your blog on a regular basis will definitely help you to become a more confident writer. After many months or even years of writing on a regular basis you will develop a style that will be unique to you, you will develop an inner voice, a unique persona, in which you and your readers will be able to identify you by, and in doing so you will be expected to consistently create the quality content that many have come to expect from you. Blogging will help you to become a prolific writer.

Practice makes perfect they say, so keep writing and developing those core skills and your blog will have a greater chance of success and resonate louder with your audience.

4. Self-Confidence

When I first delved into the world of blogging some years ago, I had very little self-confidence when speaking in particular but writing for me was worst. As time surpassed I gained much confidence through knowledge and seeing how others appreciate what I had to share online.

You will from time to time be brought down by negativity, but that is all part of the learning curve of and it will make you stronger, better and more confident.

5. Time Management & Organization

If you keep your blogging activities to a tight schedule over a period of time you will improve your time management. You will become better organized with everything that you do; I know it’s probably not the best word to use but blogging has made me quite regimental about how I do things on a daily basis. I’m not saying that you have to do the same, but being organized will help you to get things done more efficiently and effortlessly and over the years this will rub off onto your daily life. Trust me it’s not a bad thing.

6. Credibility

Credibility, what is that? Blogging on a regular basis, helping others to achieve their own goals, being resourceful, being the man that answers questions, making an appearance on other blogs, forums, social media sites will inevitably give you the online credibility you deserve.

Others will want to put their trust in you because you have something valuable and relevant to share with them.

If you backup your theories with what ever you pursue to do online as a blogger, you will get noticed… simple.

7. Roll Model

Finally the roll model! After many years of blogging, engaging with others, building relationships online, sharing your knowledge, expertise and credibility, you will become the roll model that everyone looks up to, to be inspired and hopefully one day become as successful as you.

Now, that’s enough ranting from me, now go and be the best blogger you can be.

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