March 14, 2011

6 Things to look for when choosing a new Webhost for your Blog!

What ever your preferred blogging platform may be, when it comes to finding a new webhost for your blog projects there is an abundance of webhosting services available, all offering various features and benefits? Regardless of this, there are some fundamental factors to bare in mind before signing up to any webhosting service.

This post briefly looks at some of the things you need to look for as well as some of things you’ll probably need to ask yourself when finding a new webhost, so let’s take a look.

What do you want from your webhost? More accurately what do you expect? I’d like to briefly point out some of key features you should look for:

Hosting Space / Domain Hosting

Take into consideration your plans for your blog. Are you planning to create a large blog that you want to eventually become the place for all your social and professional interactions? Is so you’re going to need to think about how much hosting space you’ll need.

Many webhosting companies offer ample web space. I know it’s probably too early to determine how big your blog is going to grow, but on all serious notes you should be thinking big in any case.

File Transfer

Almost all webhosting companies offer some form of FTP, this feature is needed to transfer files from one host to another. Of course unless you’re installing a blog using FTP client, you won’t really need to get involved with this if you’re starting out with a fresh blog, as many webhosting services now offer a one-click installation service.

Guaranteed Network Uptime

No one likes to see their website or weblog offline due to some form of technical fault, especially if you plan to use your blog to make a living in the future, so essentially you’ll want a webhosting service that can guarantee you excellent network uptime.

C-Panel / Features

C-Panels come in all shapes and sizes, these days many of them are fairly simple to navigate around and offer some great features too.


The security of your blog is of utmost importance, and so you’ll want to ensure that your hosting company can provide you with some good security features and tools such as c-panel secure login and dedicated IP block.

Good Customer Support

This of course goes without saying, if like me you’re not at all technically minded and just wish to concentrate on developing your blog, then ensure that you check out the webhosting company’s customer support credibility before committing. Normally you can just go online and review what others have had to say about using a particular service.

Well I hope that this is enough of an insight to help you choose a good webhosting service for your blog, I personally highly recommend using either BlueHost (affiliate link) or DreamHost (affiliate link) as they both offer great service, features and support, the best of luck.

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Samantha Wright is an exclusive guest writer for Magnet4Marketing. She was awarded 2007 MasterCard Business Woman of the Year and loves to share her insight into the world of online business marketing. Samantha is also a keen surf photographer and on the weekends can be found at her local beach break photographing surfers of all abilities. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.


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