10 Sure-fire ways to get more subscribers to your Blog!

Bloggers are always working to strive to market and promote their posts in the best way they can, to drive targeted traffic to their blog’s; and inevitably get more readers to subscribe to their updates either by email or RSS.

This is of course not an easy task to undertake and can take time, in fact many months before one can even reach a respectable number of say 50 subscribers to a blog.

There are many ways in which you can explore an avenue to generate interest and get more subscribers which we’ll take a look at shortly, but firstly let me explain one fundamental element which could alone determine the number of subscribers you receive to your blog, and that’s the quality of your content.

To get readers to subscribe to your email or RSS, the quality of your content needs to be of top priority.

Creating quality content doesn’t have to feel like as if you’re being asked to do double heart bypass blindfolded, there are many ways in which you can create quality content for your blog. How I create quality content is by writing and posting something useful and resourceful, such as review or a case study or place together some tips and advice that will help others.

As well as content quality, you also need to look at the way you place together that content, make it simple for others to understand and don’t use mind boggling words or have too many, if at all, spelling or grammatical errors.

Ok now on with our top 10 tips on how to get more subscribers to your blog:

Do Article Marketing

Article marketing has long been one of the most widely used methods of generating traffic to a website. It also plays an important roll in SEO. Using article directories is a great way to attract readers of your articles back to your blog. Another tip is to use a hyperlink to your RSS email opt-in page in your articles author box, sneaky, clever but it works well.

Submit to Blog RSS Directories

Submitting your blog to RSS directories is another great way attract readers and encourage more subscribers; Checkout our top 22 blog + RSS directories and start submitting today!

Become a Guest Writer for other Blogs

Guest writing is probably the most effective way of generating traffic, backlinks and of course readers back to your own blog. It isn’t unfortunately an easy task to accomplish however there are other alternatives such as using Hubpages or Squidoo where you can add your blog’s feed at the bottom of your articles.

Display your RSS Icon Boldly & Clearly

I see so many new bloggers displaying that all important orange icon in such a way that it almost becomes hidden from line of sight. If you want people to subscribe to your blog then ensure it is visible, display your RSS icon high in the header of your blog if possible, and large too, so that it is one of the first things you see upon landing on your blog.

Use FeedBurner Subscription Form

Feedburner is a very popular and widely used RSS feed management tool that basically makes RSS a more powerful feature to use. If you’re not already using Feedburner then register here.

Feedburner basically provides you with the necessary tools needed to manage and monitor your subscribers more effectively. Amongst the tools is a powerful email subscription opt-in form that allows you to collect subscriber details via email as well as RSS.

Adding a link to an opt-in form is normally the best way to offer a full subscription service.

Add ‘Subscribe to Post’ link or opt-in form at the end of each Post!

You might have seen this done on many blogs, placing a link to ‘subscribe to post, or updates’ makes it a lot easier to encourage your readers to subscribe once they have read an article of interest on your blog.

Hold a Blog Competition

Another useful tip is to consider holding a competition on your blog. The prize could be anything you wish it to be, but you can ask people to enter by subscribing to either your email or RSS feed, simple and effective.

Give Something Back

Give something back to your readers for subscribing to your updates! This could be in the form of a free service, or one of the most popular methods is by giving away something resourceful such as an eBook or some free software.

Join an Online Forum

Participating in online forums is another great way to get more readers back to your blog and in addition a few extra subscribers on the cards. When using forums try to interact more by being helpful, productive and resourceful to others, don’t just use them to take advantage of some extra exposure to your blog or better worst, to get a free backlink.

If your niche is amongst internet marketing or business marketing you might want to check out our 40+ internet business marketing forums to take your pick from.

Post Tutorial Videos on YouTube

Finally use YouTube, a very powerful and fun way to get tons of readers back to your blog. Create and post tutorial videos that will benefit others, conduct a review of a product or service, talk about a topic of interest and you’ll soon start to get the attention you need. As well as getting traffic back to your blog you can also use YouTube to get more subscribers to your channel, creating another avenue for your online exploits.

These tips of course have not been exhausted; there are plenty of other things you can do to get more readers to your blog, good luck.

Check out some of our other traffic generating tips or subscribe to our RSS for all the latest updates. Also check out our fantastic new eBook 101+ Blog Traffic Tips! (link below)

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