March 12, 2011

How to use Online Business Directories more Effectively!

One of the most beneficial methods of marketing your business on the internet is the laborious task of submitting to online business directories.

An online business directory, as if you didn’t already know is an online directory of businesses and services available to consumers; also known as a business to consumer directory, a little bit like the yellow pages except on the internet. So submitting your business to these types of directories has several benefits if done effectively.

Two Main Advantages of using Online Business Directories

  • Improve your own site’s search engine rankings and also build quality backlinks.
  • Gain additional exposure to your business / website and create more sale leads to your business.

Ok let’s take a look at how you can effectively improve the way you use and submit your business to online directories.

Research and Analysis

There are literally hundreds or even thousands of online business directories available, and one of first things you need to do is realise that you can’t submit to all of these. Not all the business directories are going to be worth your effort, so first of all generate a list of all the business directories you want to submit to and analyse each of these directories before listing your business. Your list can contain free and paid services:

To analyse a business directory look for the following values: find its current Alexa traffic rank, check PR (Page Rank), check current Yahoo backlinks, check the number of listings already contained within the directory, especially within the category you’re wanting to list in.

Create a Compelling Biography

Your biography should describe everything there is to know about your business such as information about your company’s aspirations from an initial idea, how you started off in your company’s journey, your qualifications, your achievements and your company’s goals for the future as well as the services you provide.

Each biography you submit should be different and uniquely written with SEO in mind. This will enable you to monitor which listings or bios are giving you the best results.

Ensure your Contact Information is up to date!

The whole point of submitting your business to online directories is so that you can work towards encouraging more sales leads to your business, and there is nothing worst than having contact information that is out of date. Whether it’s a mobile contact number, email address or business mailing address, ensure it is kept up to date.

Specify your areas of Expertise

This is another opportunity to express what your business services has to offer, but don’t sound too desperate. What you need to be able to address are the features of your services and the benefits of these features. Sell yourself and your services the best way that you can. Outline your experiences, qualifications, your confidence and also what others have to say about the work that you do or have done.

Link back to your website’s Business Marketing Page

Many online business directories allow you to have several deep links in addition to a primary link to your website. So as well as linking to your website, consider linking to your website’s business marketing page or about us page. This will add great value to your SEO as well as give you further opportunity to sell yourself and your services online.

Upload pictures of your Products, Services or Business Premises

Lastly, but not the lease important is to upload and use images either of your products or services or of your business premises. Give your potential clients a unique opportunity to see what’s going on behind closed doors and you have to offer in more detail.

So once again some useful and productive tips into getting the most out of your use of online business directories; follow these simple and effective tips and you can rest assure that you have done the best you can to promote your business and your services online, good luck.

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