Top 5 Adsense Tips for Online Money Making Bloggers!

If you’re starting a blog with the intention of making a ton of money from it or maximising the revenue potential through Google Adsense, then there are a few all important issues you need to know first before diving head first into it.

In this post we’re going to look at 5 top essential facts or tips that will help towards you making more money with Google Adsense.

Unfortunately many newbie bloggers come along and start a blog or start an article website, slap a few ads on it and expect to be the next John Chow, hmmm, I so wished it worked that way but the reality is that it simply doesn’t.

Ok, let’s take a look.


The revenue earned through Adsense greatly depends on your niche as some niches are more profitable than others. The more competitive the niche the less potential in revenue you might generate from it or put it this way the harder it will be to stay ahead of the competition to win with Adsense; however if you pick a niche with little competition or even better no competition, which is a pretty challenging task these days, then you can dominate that market a lot easier and maximise your Adsense revenue.

The best way to determine which niche is best for making money with Adsense is to do some research into different keywords and seeing how competitive these keywords are. Here’s an example; simply do a search on Google for the key phrase ‘make money online’ which you will notice will have over 450 million references to compete against. Now do a search for ‘online money making’ and you’ll see that at 40 million references this would be less challenging to try and compete against, not easy by all means but certainly worth a crack.

Google Search 1

Google Search 2

It doesn’t end here, spend as much time as you can researching for the right niche for your blog as you can with different keywords, and make a shortlist of the ones you might want to use for future consideration too. Another useful tool to use is the Google Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Tool


Top Content

You might have also read elsewhere on the internet that content is king. That is in fact true but content cannot survive without marketing and SEO which we’ll look at in just a moment.

So how do you make content king exactly; quantity or quality?

My simple answer to this question is both! The best way to create quality content in my mind is to focus on one single post or topic at a time. To make your content of good quality, whether it’s a tutorial, a review or an engaging topic you need to be able to provide elements such as proof to back up any of your theories, illustrations and images, useful links to other resources on the web, and above all your honest opinion as that is the main reason why readers will come to your blog, and of course the way you place your content together i.e. paragraphs, spelling, grammar, structure etc.

Understandably it may be hard to create multiple posts like this on a regular basis, however I always place quantity and quality in the same gravy boat. Many will tell you that quality is more important that quantity, and if I was forced to choose of course I would go with quality. But why not have both?

To create quality content in good quantity I would highly recommend that you write and publish a new blog post every day religiously non-stop for the next two years, if you can create two posts per day even better, once again, easily said than done.

Sounds challenging doesn’t it, however if you want to succeed as an online money making blogger but more accurately with Google Adsense then you need to put in the work, simple.

Targeted Traffic

So we have the blog, we have the content, now you need the traffic. This can be a very challenging task indeed and all depends on how good you are as an internet marketer. If you have no idea where to begin with internet marketing then visiting this blog frequently will help you learn lots about how to market and promote your blog as an online business.

So in a nutshell how do you get targeted traffic to your blog? Here’s a quick list of some of the things you’ll need to get involved in.

  • Submit to search engines
  • Submit to blog directories
  • Submit to business directories
  • Submit to article directories
  • Use Facebook
  • Use Twitter
  • Use social bookmarking sites
  • Guest blog
  • Link building
  • Use YouTube
  • Advertise
  • Do online promotions
  • Do offline marketing
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Do email marketing

The list hasn’t remotely been exhausted, but success with Adsense comes with masses and masses of page impressions each month achieved by extreme marketing methods. Again much more easily said than done, but nevertheless internet marketing to drive traffic to your content is essentially the most important part of succeeding with Adsense.

Relevant Ads

One of the benefits with using Google Adsense is that you can generate relevant ads that coincide with the contextual content of your blog. This is important if you want to improve or increase your ads CTR (click through ratio). Relevant ads means that your readers stay on topic with what they were initially searching for, and should they not find answers on your blog; they may well click on a relevant ad to find a more appropriate answer to their problems.

Ad Placements

What is an ad placement? An ad placement is effectively the position of ad blocks on your site or WebPages. Different areas of your blog will have an impact on how effective your ad placements are, and how likely your ads will be clicked onto.

The best way to find the best ad placements for your blog is to experiment with different positioning. I find that placing ad blocks out of site of the top page of my blog works more effectively than having someone land on a page and all they see is ads before content. After all they come to your blog to read the content not to click on ads on first impression. I also place most of my ads on the left hand side amalgamating them with my content as apposed to being in the right hand sidebar. But each to their own and this may not work for everyone.

Below is an illustration showing various positions on a webpage where placing ads will be most impactful on your Adsense earnings.

Google Adsense Ad Positioning

Final Notes

There are other factors to take into consideration such as customising your ads with font size and colours to match the style of your blog and the number of ad units per page (you should not use more than 3).

One of the best tips that I can give you personally is if you’re looking make money online with Adsense, is don’t build your hopes on making big money quick. It may be months before you start making your first few dollars each month, but essentially you need to fully focus on content and marketing solidly for the first year at least before you can say yes I’m actually making money online with Adsense.

The best of luck and any questions or further discussion, tips and advice then please leave them in your comments below.

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