How To Effectively Build An Email List Using Social Media

Thinking positively of course, it would seem that businesses of all shapes and sizes are realizing the potential of social media, and therefore jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt not to be the one left out in the rain so to speak. Whilst social media has many implications and methods in which you can […]

45 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, so when it comes to video marketing and promoting your brand, products or services, there is no more powerful platform on the web than YouTube. Having a YouTube channel is so important to your business or your blog, and whats more YouTube is free to […]

How To Get More Followers On Stumbleupon

So how do you get more followers on StumbleUpon? Read on and I’ll share with you my tips… StumbleUpon is one of my favorite social bookmarking tools, and I for one have had reasonably good success in using it to effectively promote traffic to my blog. Whilst there are now many other competitive platforms out […]

Advantages Of Social Media

What is Social Media? There are many social platforms; the most popular are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you’re not using Social Media you should know that it is growing and growing quickly. You might be thinking that you don’t have the time; you need to run your business. Did you know that people […]

Why Link Exchange Is A Waste Of Your Valuable Time

If you want to get traffic to your site, it’s all about backlinks. These are links back to your site that you get through article marketing, posting comments on blogs, web directory postings and other means. One of the ways to do this is link exchange, also known as reciprocal linking. This is an old […]

Protect Your Blog From Right Clicks, Text Selection & Image Dragging With WP-Protect Plugin

Folks, its time to protect your blog… Content scraping is probably one of the lowest forms of unethical blogging anyone can get involved in doing. It is something that a lot of newbies in particular fall into the trap of doing. Cheating your way to try and gain blogging will only result in you failing […]

6 Top Premium WordPress Themes for Business Blogs

When it comes to creating a stylish professional website or blog, WordPress is without a doubt one of the top choices for many web publishers. One of the biggest reasons why I personally love using WordPress so much is because of how simple it is to use, yet the creative freedom is beyond anything you […]

7 Free Blog Stats, Widgets & Counters for your Blog

We all love to place site counters on our blog’s! Blog widgets and counters are great for keeping a quick tab on the number of hits to your blog; they also serve a good purpose for giving others an indication of just how popular your blog is too. Check out these seven cool free blog […]

7 Personal Development Skills Attained From Blogging

Blogging is much more than just being about; trying to make money online, or writing content for your personal diary. Blogging can become really personal and on the subject of personal I’ve found over the recent years that blogging can also help you to develop personal skills. Let’s take a look at what skills you […]

7 Popular Must-Use Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a unique social networking site unlike your average run of the mill. In many or more ways than ever, I’ve found Twitter to be one of the most productive social sites that I’ve used, especially when it comes to marketing and promoting products and services online. So in this post I’m happy to […]