February 28, 2011

22 Effective Ways to Get More Twitter Followers!

One of the best ways to generate targeted traffic to your website is through the use of social media and in this case Twitter is no exception. If you’re new to the world of Twitter let me explain briefly how Twitter can help you generate more traffic to your business website.

To best understand Twitter, simply look at it as an advance messaging board in which you have 140 characters to share anything you want to those who are following your Tweets i.e. short messages. For business this can be very useful as you can share links to product pages, reviews, news and special offers and much more.

The more targeted followers you have the more traffic you can generate to your business page or website. So in today’s post we’re going to take a look at 22 effective ways to grow targeted Twitter followers.

1. Follow other people on Twitter

This is the first and foremost simplest way to build followers, however ensure that you follow those that are in similar niches as you or at least with similar interests. The best thing to start doing is to type in the keyword you want to search for into the search box and in the result follow as many related users as you can, without ringing any Twitter limit alarm bells.

2. Connect Twitter with Facebook and MySpace

If you have lots of friends or fans either on Facebook or MySpace then why not connect your Twitter account, or ask them to follow you on Twitter with a link.

3. Add Twitter Profile Web Address to Business Stationary

Get some stationary printed with your Twitter ID on it such as pens, letterheads and business cards.

4. Twitter on Gifts & Incentives

Giveaway incentives such as mugs, t-shirts, pens, mouse mats with your Twitter ID printed on them along with your other business details, works especially well with mugs at Christmas time eh!

5. Add Twitter to Car Decals!

Sad as this may seem but consider getting vehicle decals and stickers with your Twitter ID on them, if you’re a road hog then that’s some top free advertising already in the bag.

6. Comment on Blogs that use Twitter ID

Many blogs now allow you to post a comment using your Twitter ID as comment signature, consider it as free advertising or a free backlink to your Twitter profile.

7. Add Twitter ID to your eBooks

Add your twitter ID to all your future eBook creations, placing them in the ‘about the author’ and at the footer of each page along with your web address.

8. Use Twitter ID as Email Signature

If you’re using email marketing which you should be, then use your Twitter ID as your email signature along with your web address, works especially well if you have a big list to work with.

9. Add Twitter to your Website or Blog

Adding your Twitter ID or a Twitter counter to your website or blog is a popular way to show your visitors that you’re on Twitter and to give them the incentive to follow you.

10. Use your Twitter ID in Forums

If you participate in online chat forums then consider using your Twitter ID as your post signature.

11. Add Twitter ID to Author Box

If you do a lot of article marketing then adding your Twitter ID to your author box is a great way to advertise your Twitter profile and to get even more followers. Has always worked as a favourite for me.

12. Add Twitter Link to Business Directory Listings

Most business and web directories allow you to submit several deep links and alongside your website off course consider adding your Twitter ID link too.

13. Use TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter is an online service providing Twitter users to be featured on TwitterCounter.com and Twitaholic.com and get more followers. You pay a premium starting from around $65 a month for 15,000 page views to your Twitter profile a month, hence getting you more followers.

14. Use TwitterKarma

TwitterKarma is an awesome free online tool that enables you to filter people you’re following, mutual followers and people who aren’t following you. This way you can rid the none-followers and connect with more niche related followers that will follow you back.

15. Use your own Twitter Profile Avatar!

I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to follow too many Twitter users without an avatar, to me this gives the inclination that they are not at all serious about using Twitter properly and effectively and is more likely to post uninterested things.

16. Create your own Custom Background

Create your own Twitter profile background to make your profile more unique or at least more corporate looking, this shows that you actually care about your Twitter interventions.

17. Link your Twitter with LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn for your business then there is a great facility allowing you to connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn, share your tweets with your LinkedIn connections.

18. Make use of Hashtags

Making use of hashtags, the character # before a keyword e.g. #emailmarketing, will allow other users to click on the keyword (hashtag) to categorise all the tweets within the topic of email marketing. This is a great way to promote more followers to your Twitter profile.


19. Add Twitter ID to Social Bookmarking Sites!

Add your Twitter ID to Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit, if possible.

20. Buy Targeted Twitter Followers

There are now numerous sites providing the opportunity or service to purchase targeted Twitter followers. The effectiveness can vary from service to service however always opt-in for buying targeted followers.

21. Retweet Often!

Don’t just Tweet your own pages or blog posts, get in the habit of retweeting other interesting tweets in your timeline.

22. Don’t Tweet Crap!

Finally if you’re serious about getting more followers on Twitter for your business then don’t Tweet about meaningless trash like ‘I’m sat on the toilet’ or ‘I’m going to score tonight, hell yeah’… catch my drift?

Follow these fascinating and effective tips and you’ll soon be adding followers to your Twitter account in no time. Oh and before I forget you can follow us on Twitter too.

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