March 15, 2011

The Newbie’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing!

Making money online is challenging, fun, frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. Making money through affiliate marketing is much more challenging than making money through for example third party advertisements such as Google Adsense.

In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at a basic step-by-step scenario of how you can make money through affiliate marketing. First of all there is probably a lot of hype surrounding affiliate marketing and let me tell you now that there is no great secret to it, at the end of the day it all comes down to several factors such as marketing skills and niche and we’ll address them as we go along.

To succeed with affiliate marketing you need to be able to recognise the potential in a certain product or service, these days many of the products & services available to promote through affiliate programmes already have some form of recognition anyway.

You also need to be able to portrait in context why the product or service you’re trying to promote is of any value, what makes it so unique and different from anything else. One of the best ways to know for sure, and this should be said for any affiliate marketing programmes being undertaken, is that you yourself have either used it (the service or product) or are using it, and therefore it has provided you with great benefits and solved what ever problems you may have had when you wasn’t using it, if that makes sense.

Also the quality of your marketing content should be a priority over the quantity however if you can produce good quality content in quantity then that’s a good enough start.

You cannot succeed in affiliate marketing without a substantial audience to promote it to, so in this case a hell of a lot of internet traffic to either your website or your blog, much in the same way as needed to make money through Google Adsense. However in the step-by-step scenario below we’ll get traffic through other sources such as social media and article marketing.

So to cap it all to be successful in affiliate marketing you really need to possess the following qualities:

  • A good affiliate programme, product or service (tried and tested).
  • Good content marketing skills and the ability to promote through context.
  • Good quality marketing content over quantity.
  • Lots of targeted internet traffic to your website or blog.
  • Good internet marketing skills.

Step By Step

Ok now let’s get started with our step-by-step scenario.

Step 1

Do some research into finding out what is currently the hottest product or service or affiliate programme to be promoting within your niche.

Once you have found one or two products or services you think you can promote quite comfortably, make an application to join affiliate programme.

It might be a good idea to try and promote something you’re familiar with, for example a product or service that you’ve recently or you’re currently using.

Step 2

Write five articles about the product or service you want to promote, but try not to sound like a desperate salesman trying to flog an old pair of wellington boots!

The best thing to do is if you’ve used the product or service before is to outline the kinds of problems it can solve. Talk about its features, benefits and the kinds of results that can be achieved from using them.

Then place affiliate links to only one of your five composed articles in the form of hypertext links. The other four without affiliate links are for article directories.

Step 3

Once you have double checked each article you’ve written, spelling and grammar, submit four of the non affiliate linked articles to article directories, (one article per directory). Submit only to the popular ones such as Ezine, Article Base, Self-Growth and HubPages.

Ensure that you place a link back to the 5th article which will be featured on your blog in the author box of each article you submit.

Step 4

Place the 5th article with your affiliate links on your blog in the form of a post.

Step 5

Now this is where the advantage of having lots of internet traffic comes into play. You can also use social bookmarking tools, post links using Facebook and Twitter to promote all you five pages.

The idea is to gain as much interest from readers, consumers and visitors looking to use the products you’re trying to promote, to come back to the post on your blog, read it, become convinced to click on one of the affiliate link’s, and then taking the final steps to making a purchase.

Your marketing skills will be tested but if you’re starting out in affiliate marketing follow the steps above and simply learn by adapting your own marketing strategies into the play.

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