23 Ways To Make Money Online Without Spending A Penny

The whole subject of ‘make money online’ to many people who have already tried and failed, is a well and truly exhausted subject, and here’s why. When we think about ways to make money online, most people run for the hills, with the beliefs that ‘scam’ is usually associated with ‘make money online’.  Yes this […]

28 Powerful Ways To Get More Twitter Followers Fast

Get more Twitter Followers – This post was updated on 2011/12/24 One of the most powerful methods of traffic generation is through social media. Let’s look at Twitter for example; Twitter is by far my favorite social networking sites for business purposes and if you haven’t already realized its potential for your business yet then […]

Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Designers For 2011

WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS available, providing publishers with an abundance of tools, features and plugins. All to create the perfect, feature packed, fully functioning website or blog. WordPress also boasts many great themes and in particular, premium quality themes designed by some of the best theme designers on the web. […]

5 Popular Build Your Own Social Network Site Tools

If fancy yourself as the next Mark Zuckerberg and want to create your own successful social networking site just like Facebook, then check out these five awesome online tools to help you build your very own social networking site. Why would you want to build your own social network site? From a business perspective, having […]

7 Essential Social Networking Sites For Businesses

In this post I will share with you 7 awesome social networking sites for businesses… Social networking for business has grown in immense popularity over the recent years. The realization of the benefits of using social network sites such as Facebook Twitter, Google Plus for marketing purposes, has lead to many small businesses making that […]

10 Things You Should Do With A New Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

OK so you’ve made the decision to go self-hosted, congratulations.  Now what?  Assuming you’ve found your perfect blog theme and written a killer launch post; here are 10 essential things to do with your newly unwrapped WordPress blog. 1. Get your first post off to a good start with an introduction of who you are […]

9 Cool Ways To Customize Your Blogger Blog

Here is a full blown post on how to fully customize your Blogger Blog – Blogger is still one of my favorite blogging platforms, despite the limitations and lack of expandability that it has. Blogger is relatively simple to setup and use, and anyone can begin blogging straight away with this platform. I think I’m […]

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code into your WordPress Blog

Google Analytics is a powerful and overwhelming tool. Installed on more than 10 million websites around the globe, it is easily the favorite website traffic behavior monitoring tool on the web. If you are a newbie blogger or webmaster and you want to analyze and track your website’s traffic behavior we highly recommend that you […]

HubPages: Your One-Stop Alternative To Guest Blogging

Its common knowledge that posting on other blogs is one of the most powerful ways to promote your blog. Guest blogging once popular amongst bloggers is now being implemented by everyone that’s involved in internet marketing, including businesses with an online presence, copywriters etc.  Guest blogging is also proven to be one of the best […]