30+ Things To Do To Get Inspired To Blog

If like myself you can’t wait to get to write your next blog post or have an idea or something interesting to write about, then you’re on a good run already. The key to successful blogging is being passionate; if you’re passionate about your blog and the topics you write about, then you’ll be writing posts on a regular basis no doubt.

However from time to time we can all run into a sticky wall where we simply don’t feel inspired to blog, its natural we’re only humans after all.

If you look at the posts on this log whether it’s from me or a guest writer, they’re usually filled with great advice, they’re resourceful and they have been written with a lot of passion. When I’m not in the mood I won’t write because I know it will turn out sh1t… Instead I try and get inspired to blog, or inspired to write.

You’re probably wondering what is it that I do to get inspired to blog? Well I’m going to share with you 30 things that I do to get my creative juices flowing hoping that you can take away one or two of them and apply them into your blogging lifestyle.

When I want to get inspired to blog I…

1. Go to the beach and watch the sunset

2. Cook a really nice meal for me and my girlfriend…

3. Go shopping… not with my girlfriend…

4. Watch a movie

5. Eat ice-cream

6. Read my old blog posts and get new post ideas from them

7. Read other blogs and get ideas from them

8. Go for a walk

9. Take an afternoon nap (Not recommended)

10. Listen to some inspiring music

11. Take some photos

12. Create a photo blog post

13. Watch the sunrise (Too early for some I know…)

14. Redecorate

15. Move furniture around (One of my favorite things to do…)

16. Watch videos on YouTube

17. Create a video blog

18. Shop for my next holiday

19. Write a post about what inspires me to blog like this one…

20. Learn a new skill

21. Find some resourceful information on the web to share on social network sites

22. Compile my best top 20 posts of the last 6 months

23. Create a blog competition (I love doing this once or twice a month)

24. Review my blog statistics

25. Create a poll for my blog

26. Add a new plugin or feature to my blog

27. Write down some ideas for a new eBook

28. Interview one of my many favorite bloggers…

29. Read the comments on my own blogs

30. Create a controversial blog post (I don’t really do this but it’s an option)

31. Record a podcast

Just to remind you again, if you can’t get inspired to blog after following any of the suggestions above then don’t bother to write at all… Just take a break from blogging entirely. It will do you no harm.

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