January 14, 2011

How to Start an Online Business: 6 Steps & Tips!

Right, so it’s the New Year and you want to start yourself a new online business. That’s fantastic news and already I welcome you to an exciting new venture.

Starting your own online business these days is one of the easiest things ever to do in life, it really is. It’s just a shame that so many people out there seem to be so lazy in even being bothered to do so.

The hardest part of getting a business online however is trying to grow your business and working to make something of it. So in this short but sweet post we’ll share with you as much information as possible about getting the most out of your online business.

Ok, here are the six easy steps that will get you on the road to running your own business.

1. Find a niche for your business: What is it that you want to do with your business? To get some answers do some research in the industry you’ve chosen. See what needs certain consumers may have over a product or service, where can you improve if such a niche is already saturated? How can you offer a better solution to consumers?

2. Image is everything: Corporate branding is very important from the word go. This can take some time to decide the design and layout of your company logo or motto as it will be integrated with everything else that you do design wise for your business, such as website, business cards, letterheads, ads etc. So pick and design wisely.

3. Capital investment: Many small businesses can go into full swing without any real capital behind them. Fabrizio started Van Marciano Art.com with £5 that’s $10 to our continental readers. Having some form of capital does make things a lot easier however and so if you’re thinking of quitting in the day job to start your own business, don’t do it. Use the income from your day job to fund your new online business project.

4. Preparation & organisation: No doubt one of my favourite talked about subjects when running any form of business from home is organisation. Check out my post on planning, organising and time-management for your online business.

5. 100% Positivity: Probably the most important tip out of them all is to be 100% positive and focused about making a success with your online business venture. You shouldn’t go into any form of business with a half-hearted ego. Whether you’re setting up your own online surf shop or launching a new business blog your mindset should be 100% positive at all times.

6. Come back to this blog for more resources: Magnet4Marketing dot Net is dedicated to bringing you all the top tips, information and marketing resources you need to get your business website or blog up and running, so be sure to bookmark us or add our RSS to your newsreader.

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About Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is an exclusive guest writer for Magnet4Marketing. She was awarded 2007 MasterCard Business Woman of the Year and loves to share her insight into the world of online business marketing. Samantha is also a keen surf photographer and on the weekends can be found at her local beach break photographing surfers of all abilities. You can follow Samantha on Facebook.


  1. home jobs says:

    Steps works to start online business.

  2. A helpful tips for me because i am trying to start my own business.

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