11 Top Money Making Blog Niches to Consider

Blog niches to consider - If you want to start a money making blog there are a lot of things to consider. Things like how much time do you really have to devote to blogging? What is it you want to blog about? Why do you want to make money from blogging? How much traffic do you think you’re going to get to your blog? How much money do you think you’re going to make with your blog and so forth…

On the subject of what do you want to blog about, today I’ve compiled for you a list of 11 hot blog niche topics for you to consider, although your primary objective is to make money from your blog, you should try and start a blog about something you really care passionately about. You’re more likely to succeed and remain consistent by writing about the things you love. OK, let’s get on with the niche ideas…

1. Food / Recipes / Cooking

If your specialty is recipes or cooking, and you love spending all your god given time in the kitchen getting all creative then this is the niche for you. Perhaps you have built up your own bible of recipes over the years which is great as you have tons of content already… Starting a food blog can be fun and rewarding at the same time. It is one of the most popular blog niches simply because, well who doesn’t like to eat?

2. Sports & Nutrition

If you’re a health or fitness freak with a good knowledge on healthy easting and exercising then why not consider a sports and nutrition blog. This industry is still booming, it is an industry estimated to be worth over $100 billion, so what are you waiting for? There are countless successful blogs in this niche and yours could be one of them.

3. Weight Loss

I know quite a few fellow bloggers who have been pretty successful with a weight loss blog. If you’re trying to loose weight and look great for the summer why not use yourself as the case study and blog about it? Start your weight loss blog blog today.

4. Celebrities

If you love sharing news and gossips from the world of fashion and celebs then why not start a celebrity blog of your own. Since this is a niche where you’re most likely to outsource a lot of your information from for for your own blog, a great deal of research is needed first, but well worth investing your time in if this is your thing.

5. Cars and Motoring

For all you motoring enthusiasts share your passion with a motoring blog. If you’re thinking what could I possibly blog about in motoring, well it could be anything you want, that’s the beauty of blogging. Perhaps you have a passion for American muscle cars, trucks or maybe you’re a bit of a grease monkey… Blog about it.

6. Technology

Technology is perhaps one of the most popular blog niches out there. If you’re into your gizmos, gadgets and tech bits then a technology blog is what you’re looking for. Blog about the latest mobile phones or tablet computers, give your opinion through your own tech reviews. Blog about the latest trends in technology.

7. Make Money Online

These days it would seem that everyone wants to follow this trend regardless whether they have experience in making money online or not. If you fancy yourself a bit of an e-entrepreneur and think that you have what it takes to tap into this lucrative but somewhat saturated market then why not launch a blog about making money online? My advice first though is learn how to make money online first before telling everyone else how to make money online.

8. Photography

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer or perhaps you have a great knowledge in photography, then why not share your photos, tips and advice on your very own photography blog.

9. Fashion

If you love making a fashion statement and can’t keep away from finding out what the latest trends in the fashion world then why not start a blog about it. Are you creative? Do you enjoy making your own fashion clothing and accessories? A blog in this niche could be the biggest break you give yourself yet.

10. Games

This is another popular and exciting blog niche to get into. If you love playing video games or think you’ve got what it takes to create the next successful iPhone games or app, then share your tips and strategies with your own games blog. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper the projected US video games revenue is set to rock through the roof at $12.4 billion dollars by 2011, that’s a 38% growth from 2006’s 9.0 billion dollar revenue. A blog in gaming could be the real online success you’re looking for.

11. Movies

Finally if you love watching movies and DVD’s, perhaps you’re a bit of a cinema addict like me. Why not launch your own movie review blog and share your own opinion to thousands of other movie fans.

There are countless of other blog niches I could mention but I’ll leave you to add them in the comment section below if you so wish. What ever you choose to blog about, make sure it’s something that you can see yourself blogging about for the rest of your life. Blogging is a lifetime commitment and if you want to make a living from it, be passionate about it.

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