How to Add Favicon to WP Blog using S. Simple Favicon Plugin.

by Fabrizio Van Marciano on December 4, 2010

Here’s a simple way in which you can display your Favicon on your dashboard differently from your blog without having to root around your theme files each time you make changes to your WordPress theme. You can also select a different Favicon to display on your blog from your dashboard which we’ll look at in more detail below.


1. Ok, first you need to upload your Favicon to your blogs root directory i.e. Your Blog Root Files > Public_html > Favicon.png. If you haven’t yet created a Favicon then do so here.

File Manager

This is the File Manager in Blue Host, which ever web host you use will be more or less similar.

Public html File

Access your public_html file for your blog to upload your Favicon.png

To avoid conflictions with the current Favicon that already exists in the directory make sure you delete that one first before you upload your new one.

2. From your plugins page in your WordPress dashboard, look for the Simple Favicon plugin by searching for it in the search box, or click here to download it from the WordPress plugins directory page.

3. Upload the plugin to your plugins root folder and activate it in your WordPress dashboard.

4. In the Settings section of your WordPress dashboard find S. Simple Favicon and edit your settings. Since I’ve uploaded my Favicon to the root directory of my blog, by default this Favicon is selected for me, so now I just select default admin Favicon, which will be the WordPress logo that appears on the dashboard. This simply means that if I have two windows or tabs open I can distinctively identify the dashboard from my blog. Job done, any questions please fire away below.

Shockingly Simple Favicon Dash

Make changes to your settings as described to show a different Favicon from your dashboard to your blog.

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