February 7, 2011

5 Crazy Ways to Use your Mobile Phone as an Advertising Tool for your Business!

A bit of a sad on this but if you’re looking for new avenues in which you can advertise your business with the minimum amount of work then check out the following 5 crazy tips.

Text Ads

This can only work if you register every business contact that you have come across say in the last 12 months or couple of years even. Say you have a few thousand contacts then why not put together a short ad with a link to your website and hit send! Works well with online promotions and online sales.

Answer Phone Personal Greeting

If you use the texting method described above, you can always back it up with a responsive answer phone personal greeting message with information about special offers or discount codes to use on your website etc. This can save you time and money having to answer a phone call from an enquiry to your text ad.

Custom Skin

If you’re the kind that walks around in public with your phone stuck to your ear then how about a custom skin with your personal ad on the back! Sad as this my sound but it could work.

Blue Tooth

If you remember not so long ago we added an informative post on 8 Offline Marketing Tips & Tricks for your Blog where we looked at how you can set up your mobile phone’s Blue Tooth settings to display your website address. If you’d like to check it out then I do advise you read it. I’ve found this method to be particularly useful whenever I’m doing art shows or exhibitions where I’m amongst many people such as corporate and private collectors alike wanting to get access to my website to place orders. Give it a try for your business next time you’re at a business function.

Ring Tone Advertisement

Ok this is yet another sad one but consider it at least! Create your own voice advertisement adding your business slogan and website address or if you’re feeling brave enough how about your contact number and then use it as your phone’s ringtone. I know what you’re thinking, this is just taking it too far, but again if you’re at a business function, a business event or anywhere where you know there will be potential for you to get your business heard then do consider it. Enjoy and good luck.

About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a fulltime international selling artist and blogger working from home. His insight into online business marketing and website design has lead him on the path to becoming one of the UK's biggest selling modern contemporary artists with over 3,000 original canvas paintings sold worldwide. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.


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