December 10, 2010

Why you shouldn’t Rely 100% on Google Adsense to Monetize your Blog!

Blog Monetizing TipsThis afternoon I’ve been reading on some real interesting blog posts about how users, bloggers in particular have been screwed over by Google with the closure of their Adsense accounts and it really sucks and to be honest it isn’t very inspiring. So in this post I’d like to stress on the point of not placing all your eggs in one basket i.e. relying solely on Google Adsense to monetize your blog or website.

The first one is pretty obvious but to elaborate further, we can all do our utmost best to uphold and respect the Google code of conduct when it comes to using the Adsense programme, however we have very little control if someone was to out of spite if you like to purposely click on our ads just to get us banned. I’m not aware of any protection programme for ad publishers from Google, is anyone else? So baring in mind this if you account was to be suspended we’d have to source an alternative form of income for our blogs.

Secondly if you’re solely relying on Google Adsense to generate income from your blog then you may well be missing out on other better advertising revenue generating methods. Consider using Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera or Adbrite even.

Lastly, I’ve also read somewhere on the about if Google were to close your AdSense account then they’d most likely close off all your ties with using any of their other services too such as gmail, analytics and feedburner. I personally don’t know how true those facts actually are but personally it sounds like a bad, bad dream.

If anyone has some tips or suggestions to share please leave them in the comments section below.

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