February 27, 2011

Do Internet Marketers Lie about How Much Money they Make?

Internet marketers, don’t you just love them? You get to their glorified blogs and it’s plastered with silly ads about how much money they’re making on the internet. But are they really actually getting the numbers they claim to be making, or is it just one big ass marketing stunt.

It’s weird because you get a real dose of every ingredient there is out there in the internet marketing world, from the guy banging on about how much weight he’s lost which is a massive achievement in itself, but then on the same blog he’s also ranting on about how many thousands of gold coins he’s raking in! And on the other side you have a guy blogging about his cats and dogs and yet again from time to time he’ll bang out some random post about making money from his blog.

So where am I going exactly with this post, well I’m not too sure myself to be honest. I guess the real question I’m asking is, do internet marketers lie about their income? For all we know, as the little fish in the big internet marketing world it could all be one big lie to lure us in for the kill. In some ways more or less I think they do lie, but! I’m not stating that all of them do, but certainly the majority of the ones that love ‘following trends’ are more than likely to be bull sh@tting about it without a doubt.

One of the things that puzzles me the most, if you were to be making 5 or 10k a month blogging or whatever, let’s just say it were to be true, why in the hell would you want to disclose that kind of information to anyone let along to a crap load of strangers on the web. I love reading blogs about how to make money online, but I’m not one bit interested in reading from a blog that bangs on about the figures they’re making a month, to me that sort of information should be private, I don’t care about figures I want to read and learn about how they do it! But nevertheless it happens and the majority of the time most of them aren’t willing to give that information away unless they’re in for a buck or two, and even then you get some washed down recycled information you’ve read before from someone else’s blog.

None of this is really answering my question is it? I’d like to think that most ‘trend following’ bloggers love the idea of grabbing readers attention by hijacking their curiosity and their email address in exchange for an eBook or some other promotional giveaway. I’m no different I’ve practically done the same, but no where on my blog does it mention anything about how much money I’m making online and even if I was as successful as some bloggers, I wouldn’t certainly give that information away. What I do believe in is giving away valuable information to bloggers starting out, on the principals and methods that you yourself have used and have been successful with.

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