Make Money Online with Infolinks in-text Advertising!

If you haven’t already heard about Infolinks then read on! Infolinks is a relatively new Pay Per Click advertising solution allowing you to make monetize your blog through one of the highest paying in-text ad solutions on the web.

Infolinks is the perfect solution for bloggers looking to earn shared revenue using an easy to install system with no changes required to your website.

In-Text Advertising Explained

Pay per click advertising isn’t just about static text and image based ads often seen by the utilisation of Google AdSense. Infolinks basically turns a selection of topic related keywords from your blog or website’s content into advertisement links. These advertisement links can be distinguished on this blog for example as the red double-underlined hypertext links. Simply hover your mouse over the link to preview the ad before deciding whether or not the ad is relevant to your requirements before clicking. From a publishers perspective each time a visitor clicks on an Infolink ad you are paid a share of the revenue.

Infolinks has the highest conversion rates due to the ads being highly relevant to your website or blogs content.

Do I Qualify to Apply for the Infolinks Service?

Infolinks is free and easy to apply for, there are no fees to pay or hidden agendas and all sites are welcome. Although Infolinks do accept sites of all kinds regardless of how much traffic a site is generating, to get the most out of Infolinks, your blog should be attracting a steady amount of visitors to get the most out of your advertising earnings. What’s more you can use Infolinks alongside your Google Ads since it doesn’t violate Googles terms and conditions, creating an extra online revenue system for your blog or website.

Apply for Infolinks

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  1. Tammy says:
    Hey Fabrizio, this is Tammy from Infolinks. Great post! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with Infolinks. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at Happy Blogging! Tammy
  2. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:
    Hey Tammy thanks for the comment on my blog, Infolinks is a great system and if there is anything on my mind I'll give you a shout. Fabrizio.

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