March 3, 2011

Making use of SEO Section in Genesis Framework!

One of the fundamental reasons as to why I chose to use Genesis for my blog theme framework is because of its extremely useful SEO package that comes with it. The ability to create search engine optimized posts and pages is the utmost importance as far as I’m concerned and the Genesis Framework does just that.

I see many bloggers using the same framework platform and not fully utilising the SEO section as they should be, and I can tell this because the subscription emails that come through has a very weak title or no meta description at all, and you can normally also find these facts by analysing the HTML code of a page.

Anyhow I wanted to share some simple tips and advice on creating good search engine optimised post for your blog. As you will see below the image represents the SEO section of a new post, so let’s begin.

SEO Genesis Page

Custom Document Title

Let’s stat with the title, you normally want to give it the same title or something along the similar lines as what your post is related to. Select at least one or two keywords that are often found in your post content to place in your custom title.

Custom / Page Meta Description

This is where most of the mistakes happen is right here in this box. Normally people leave it blank or they simply fill it with exactly with the same stuff they placed in the custom document title. This is a definite no, no as all this does is confuse the search engines and your page doesn’t get ranked as great as it should if at all. It’s a description box of what the page is about so think of a small summary of what you write for your post with some keywords of course and stick it in here.

Custom Post/Page Meta Keywords

In this box you should be placing a selection of keywords that have been used in your article. Select 4 to 5 of the most prominent ones, however sometimes you may have used words that are not necessarily keywords, but do appear quite a bit in your post. If this is the case perhaps review what you have written and make adjustments where required.

Custom Canonical URL

You don’t normally have to fill this field in if! A big if that is, if your website already utilises canonical URL’s, in which case the Genesis Framework already has this capability installed. Only use it if you want to customise it or if you’ve created a post somewhere with the similar title. Click here if you want to know more about the importance of Canonical URL’s.

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Fabrizio Van Marciano is a successful artist and blogger working from his home in North Cornwall, UK. His insight into online business marketing, web design and self-promotion has lead him to become one of the UK's biggest selling modern contemporary artists with over 3,000 original canvas paintings sold worldwide. Fabrizio now shares his tips, advice and tutorials on all aspects of internet business marketing, blogging tips, WordPress, internet tech reviews and much more. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.


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