February 10, 2011

Improving CTR on your Email Marketing Newsletter!

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You spend an entire afternoon putting together your next email marketing newsletter carefully placing your links and images and text in the right order and you hit the send button. A week later you log into your email marketing account to see that you have only achieved a few opens and pretty much zero clicks. I know the feeling of disappointment you’ve been experiencing. So what can you do about this? In this post I’d like to share with you some valuable tips in which you can use to improve your email marketing newsletter CTR’s.


First of all what message are you sending to your recipients and why? Are you launching a new product? Trying to promote an online sale maybe or are you simply trying to drive traffic to your website. Content is king so the famous saying goes and so it is imperative that you get this right from the start. Think about what your header is going to be, you want it to be bold and attention grabbing. Write something that will make readers curious. Your content should be written in the same way, you need to be able to reel in those curious readers within the first few sentences of your article. Once you have the fish on your hook you need to reel that bad boy in so to speak, so don’t place all the content of your article within your newsletter, simply add a link to the post on your blog or website to entice your email readers to click on the link itself to continue reading the article.


Adding links to your email newsletter is important but how much is really enough? It really depends on the type of business you’re in really.

Ecommerce Businesses

If you own an online shop where you’re trying to promote products, services through email marketing then you’ll need to carefully think about what and where you place your links. I find that creating a sidebar on the right hand side of the email body works great and encourages clicks since the mouse pointer spends roughly 70% of its life on the right hand side of the screen. You should try and limit your links to a about 3 to 4, for example you could link to your online shop, promotional page, FAQ page or Terms page of your website. You could also have a few links in the top navigational section of your email. If the body of your email is to consist of your star attraction then be sure to add a link from this to a landing page on your website featuring your promotion. Don’t emphasise on creating an eye-catching email with links to a dead page that has no follow up from your email, it doesn’t work.

Blogs & Articles

If you’re trying to attract visitors onto your blog via email marketing then the process of this works entirely differently. Most bloggers send out email newsletters to try and promote a single product with perhaps an affiliate link or a couple of links back to a page within their blog that’s promoting the product.


From an ecommerce marketer’s perspective designing an email for ecommerce is a lot more intricate than designing an email for affiliate marketing. Whereas you want your ecommerce email newsletter to carry the familiar corporate image and branding of your website or business, an email designed to target consumers to purchase from an affiliate link or page needs less effort in design, though I’m sure many will disagree with me here.

When thinking about the design of your email marketing newsletter, be sure to take into consideration colour, background, font sizes, image quality & sizes. Below you will find an example of last month’s newsletter sent out from my online business directory site to all my members.

Email Sample 1

Email Sample 2

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