Adding AdSense Ads to Child Themes in WordPress Blog

In this short tutorial I want to share with you a couple of cool ways to add your AdSense ad units to your WordPress blog running on Genesis (Affiliate link) theme framework and Church Child theme. Please note that this tutorial is for Genesis users, if you’ve not yet installed Genesis then check out our tutorial for installing it here…

How to Install Genesis theme framework into WordPress

Adding AdSense to individual posts

The first method is relatively simple. First you can generate an ad unit code of your choice, don’t for get to create and assign a new channel for your ad. Once you’re done creating your ad unit, copy the entire code generated and head over to your post… In your WordPress admin dashboard, create and write a new post as you would normally, then click on the HTML tab in the editor to paste the entire AdSense code anywhere into your post.

If you paste the code before your post’s content, your adsense unit will appear on the left hand side of your post before the content as default. However you can also wrap your ad units around the content of your post (like the ads shown on this post) using the following line of codes:

You can change whether the wrap is around takes place on the right or left hand side of your post by changing the text mark in red to left or right. Replease the midde red text with your Adsense code.

You can also add your Google Adsense codes after your posts in the same way.

This process has to be done each time you create a new blog post, however there is a nifty plugin you can use that can save you time copying and pasting your Adsense codes into your blog posts, check it our here.

Adding AdSense in a widget to display in your sidebar

This is another simple way to add AdSense to your blog. Depending on the width of your child theme’s sidebar, create either a 300 x 250 or 250 x 250 rich media or text AdSense unit. On your WordPress dashboard under Appearance, go to Widgets, drag a TEXT widget anywhere into your sidebar and paste the code into the box and hit save, see image below.

Drag the TEXT widget to anywhere in your sidebar to add adsense code.

Adding AdSense in a widget to display in the header

This principally involves the same method as described above except only this time its for the header of your child theme. Create a 468 x 60 ad unit and paste it into a text box in the header, see image below.

Add a 468x60 adsense ad unit to your Header Right box.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial, please leave me any comments in the section below…

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