March 9, 2011

Magnet4Marketing Beginner Blogging Tips!

Everyone is talking about blogs and blogging. Everyone wants to start blogging and many for the simple reason of making money from it. This is a shame because since everyone wants to make money from blogging they’ll more than likely end up blogging about something that they have no interest or knowledge about, they’ll end up following the trend of blogging about making money online. I guarantee you that these visionaries will end up making nothing from their blogs because they’ll end up getting impatient, bored and inevitably giving up. If you’re thinking about getting a blog on the go then here are a few pointers to get your started.

Self-Hosted Blog

If you’re just starting out I’d strongly recommend that you get yourself a self-hosted WordPress blog, its free and the only cost you will endure will be the hosting fee which doesn’t cost much at all. There is the option of getting a free blog with or Blogger if you don’t fancy all the nit gritty work involved in setting up a self-host blog. But I do recommend getting involved in the nit gritty bits of a self-hosted blog to give you a better understanding and creating a more diverse blog.

Get your Own Domain Name

Get your own unique domain from the word go, this is important to start branding and marketing your blog immediately. If you’re getting a free blog with Blogger or there are ways of getting a domain by following the links and information in your dashboard. You own domain name will be something along the lines of

Install a Unique Custom Theme

If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress blog then get yourself a fully customisable premium theme. There are some great free themes available from the web too however avoid installing pirated WordPress premium themes that may have been hacked and bugged. Paying for a quality premium theme doesn’t cost the earth; I’d recommend using Genesis Theme Framework with a Child Theme.

Don’t Blog for Money

If the main reason you are starting a blog is to make money from it then forget it. The only way you’re going to succeed with your blog is if you don’t make making money from it your primary goal. Your primary goal for blogging should be to create great content and enjoy creating it at the same time.

Blog about an Interesting Topic

I’ve said this over and over again in many previous posts don’t blog about a topic you have absolutely no knowledge or interest about. There must be something that you’re passionate about and have a great deal of interest in and so blog about that. Too many starter bloggers seem to be jumping on the trend band wagon and if their idols are blogging about making money online or some form of internet marketing topic then they feel the need to do the same. Don’t do this, I blog about two passions in my life which is art, bodyboarding and online business marketing. There are others which I’ll work on in the future but put your concentration on one blog at a time.

Blog on a Regular Basis

When starting out on your blog spend time reading what others are blogging about within your niche. Read the comments that others have left and sometimes you can create a blog post by seeing what kind of problems people are having just from reading the comments. If someone does a tutorial post where certain answers had not been answered fully this will give you the opportunity to research and post your own answers on the topic. You can also create interesting posts from your old posts and what comments others have left on your blog.

Make your Posts Unique

One important factor when creating your blog posts is to make them unique, informative and eye-catching. Add photos and upload videos. Don’t bore readers and avoid repeating yourself with the same answers to a question answered previously on your blog.

About Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a successful artist and blogger working from his home in North Cornwall, UK. His insight into online business marketing, web design and self-promotion has lead him to become one of the UK's biggest selling modern contemporary artists with over 3,000 original canvas paintings sold worldwide. Fabrizio now shares his tips, advice and tutorials on all aspects of internet business marketing, blogging tips, WordPress, internet tech reviews and much more. You can follow Fabrizio on Twitter & Facebook.


  1. I totally liked what you wrote and its true, given the fact that u wrote that like 16 hours ago , I kinda get the feeling that you must have seen mine. But the thing is i like to blog about culture and business and occasionally things I come up with & least we share 1 niche.

    Nice one van

  2. Hey thanks for the info about surveys. I think it is a great place to begin, but won’t usually work so don’t get down if it does not.

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