Christmas Marketing Tips for Increased Sales

Christmas is one of the busiest online trading times of the year, and in this post I would like to share with you some useful Christmas marketing tips and ideas on how you can prepare your business for the busy festive season, and maximise your chances of increasing leads and sales.

7 Christmas Marketing Tips

1. Planning

You should think about planning what you’re going to do to promote more sales over the Christmas period as early as August or September, the earlier the better. Plan out everything from what products you think is going to be the hottest selling to what promotions you’re going. Planning will help you to organise your business more efficiently over the Christmas period, and recognize areas where potential may be lying.

2. What Promotions?

Once the planning is over and you’ve decided what promotions you’re going to use, you then need to start organising dates for your promotions, terms, whom to your promotions are open to and what’s included.

christmas marketing tips

Don’t use too many promotions as this will make the task of tracking them more laborious. Instead stick to one or two really good promotions that will guarantee sales and increase profits.

3. Create and Prepare a Festive Email Newsletter

Now the exciting part begins… Create a festive email marketing newsletter to remind your customers that they need to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas early. Then create a second email marketing newsletter announcing the promotions you’ll be running on your site.

4. Budget your PPC Advertising Campaigns

Work out how much you’re willing to spend on your Christmas PPC campaigns.

5. Prepare the Homepage

Get your website’s homepage prepared with a festive design. Remember to keep the design element and the promotion designs the same as your email marketing newsletters so not to confuse your customers.

6. Using Social Media

Make use of social networking sites wisely. Upload your promotional banners and product to your Facebook page and place a link back to your promo pages on your website. Post updates on your Facebook wall and tweet your promos as well.

7. Doing Offline Marketing

Don’t forget that it’s not all online; consider creating some promotional flyers and advertising in your local paper too.

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  1. Racheal says:

    Another tip, which a lot of people overlook is to send your customers a business Christmas e card. They are a great way to remind your customers of your service without being over salesy.

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