Vertical Response to Facebook: Opt-in Form Tutorial

Adding Vertical Response to Facebook – Vertical Response is a fast growing affordable online email marketing solution for businesses of all sizes. We recently covered some of the features and benefits of using VerticalResponse in our post about email marketing service providers. In this post I’d like to share with you a short and simple tutorial on how to add Vertical Response to your Facebook landing page to collect email subscriptions…

Vertical Response to Facebook: Step One – Create a Facebook landing page

The first thing to do is to create a Facebook landing page, so log into Facebook and access your page. Once there, click edit page > apps and find the static HTML app. If its not there you may find it by browsing more applications or clicking here to go straight to the app itself –

Use the static HTML app to build your landing page and then add your email opt-in form which we’ll look at next…

Vertical Response to Facebook: Step Two – Grab your Vertical Response Opt-in form code

In a new window go to the VerticalResponse website and login with your details, if you don’t have an account then you can easily signup for one…

In the quick links section in your account dashboard click on the new opt-in form to create your custom form and grab the code generated at the end of the process…

Vertical Response to Facebook: Step Three – Back to Facebook

Go back to your Facebook page and paste the entire opt-in code into the top box as shown below. You can add content to the second box that only your fans will see, this is an option.

vertical response to facebook

You’re all done, you can preview your page by hitting the preview button at the top of the app.  When you’re done making changes you can hit the save changes button.

Vertical Response to Facebook: Step Four – Make Landing Page Default Page

To make your landing page the default page that visitors see when they go to your Facebook page, go to edit page > manage permissions and find default landing tab and select the Static HTML page.

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