3 Google Analytics Alternatives

Looking for a few Google Analytics alternatives? - I’ve been happily using Google Analytics for the last couple of years and believe that it is easily the best traffic statistics and behavior tool available on the web by far.  However I’ve also been looking at and trying several other close competitive alternatives, and there are some great ones about. So if you’re looking for an alternative to Google Analytics, check out the three services below.

3 Recommended Google Analytics Alternatives

Going Up.com

Top of my choice is Going Up.com. If you can allow for the slow loading times from page-to -page, the visually eye-catching dashboard and reporting tools available makes up for it indeed… The dashboard display tools range from website traffic reporting, recent visitors, recent keywords, top resolutions, top browsers, top operating systems and traffic trend analysis. You can also add more widgets from the extensive library. There is a fantastic tool available called ‘Going Up Ranker’ upon upgrade, that you can install into your website, which will allow users to track keyword positions, total in-bound links, total pages indexed, Google & Alexa Page Ranks and much more. It’s free to sign-up and start using and makes for a great Google Analytic alternative.

google analytics alternatives

2 – Picwik.com

The second option in our top 3 Google Analytics alternatives is a service from  Picwik.com (link removed). Pickwik is a downloadable real-time analytic software that you can install in your web browser… By simply pasting a unique code into the website you want to track you can generate accurate reports ranging from website visitors, page views, search engines and keywords used to find your site plus much more. Picwik is available in over 30 languages and considers itself to be the open source alternative to Google Analytics.

3 – Yahoo Analytics

The last in our Google Analytics alternatives is Yahoo’s web analytics… Yahoo Web Analytics features include and an executive look to its dashboard, offering raw and real-time data collection. You can track visitor demographics, visitor behaviour and even create your own custom reports. Other features include advanced PPC campaign management and merchandise reporting tool. Getting Yahoo Website Analytics however is somewhat of a chore as you have to apply and then wait to see if you qualify for use of the service!

So there you have it, three Google Analytics alternatives, if you of course use any of these services, why not share with us a little more about what they have to offer, leave your comments in the section below.

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  1. Hi Fabrizio

    I am using Google analytics…but I am really skeptical about its truthfulness. Which one do you suggest?

  2. Fabrizio Van Marciano says:

    I’m at present using PicWick, GoingUp and also Google Analytics as I’m testing the three over the period of 6 months and so will look at the figures in due course and post a blog post on my outcome and opinion on them. At the present I have a lot of respect for PicWick as the results aren’t as as eyecatching as Google’s but its a lot more accurate.

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